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“Passion For Peace” HiArtFilms International HiArtPromotions Sponsor/Donate & Watch/Share

“Passion For Peace” HiArtFilms & HiArtPromotions Sponsor/Donate & Watch/Share


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- Live the Dream: Thru HiARTs, we show you how to spark, broaden horizons, enrich, and give back to Charleston & the World – past, present, and future

- Like 90 years ago at the HeART of Charleston’s nonprofit Jenkins Orphanage: their Spark stARTed Jazz & The Charleston Dance. Their HiARTs, Promotions, Tours, and Films like “The Great Gatsby,” enriched Jenkins Orphanage, Charleston, and the World.)

- Now, it’s your turn to Spark: join us and we’ll fire-up your HeARTs’ ARTs (people, lifestyles, nonprofits, business); Edible ARTs (food & wine); Fine ARTs & Performance ARTs (galleries, theater, dance, music, fitness, fashions); Preservation ARTs (Tours, museums, urban ARTchitecture, homes & gardens, nature)…Join us, Do The Charleston, and pARTy for a purpose!

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- HiArtFilms (Just like “Great Gatsby,” old fiction, new films, old jazz, and new stars like Leonardo DiCaprio are all Doin The Charleston). Now it’s your turn to star like Gatsby in HiArtFilms – but we pARTy for a purpose, like this benefit Gala for SC Special Olympics at the Aquarium:  YouTube Preview Image

More examples of HiArtFilms, like “Recharge Your Life:”

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-  A Tribute to Jack McCray, Legendary Patriarch of Jazz Artists of Charleston (JAC)His passing ignited impressive published accounts on how his Jazz spirit touches us. He was easy to find downtown, with his cool cat passion and encyclopedic history of Charleston Jazz. Jack’s prolific writings enlightened both beginners & stalwart Jazzies. He sought out and held the hands of budding souls and brought them into the fold of the coolest Jazzy cats. His spirit lives on strong with us. We hear his history & vision for the future, and are inspired to be Doin The Charleston. Join us.

- Anyone anywhere (even alone in your room) can spark & Do The Charleston!

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