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“Passion For Peace” HiArtFilms International HiArtPromotions. Sponsor, Donate, Watch, Share!

“Passion For Peace” HiArtFilms International HiArtPromotions. Sponsor/Donate & Watch/Share!

Contact us, Like, Comment, & Share HiArtPromotions‘ Facebook. We use HiArt in Charleston & around the world to showcase you, Sponsors, Nonprofits, Products, Services, and Campaigns with net proceeds benefiting your  cause.


HiArtPromotions create innovative, engaging, and edutaining HiArt and HeART-felt products, services, campaigns, pARTies for a purpose, and FUNdraising. We create HiArt exposure, awareness, and a call-to-action to come, indulge, buy, donate, support, share, and excite everyone they know to join in. We showcase you, Sponsors, and Nonprofits with product placement and repeat branding now and forever in Charleston and around the world.

Thru our Mission, we usually combine above with or into DoTheCharleston.com Tours, our ARTicles, and/or HiArtFilms about –>

Your HeARTs’ Arts (Communities, Nonprofits, Business); HiArtCuisine (Wine & Dine & Dance); Wearable Arts (Fashion For Cause); Cultural Arts; Preservation Arts; Performing Arts; and all Arts. All with repeat branding, a call-to-action message, ROI (Return on Investment), and net proceeds to benefit your cause.




Note: HiArtPromotions is our brand name (and can be referred to as Hi Art Promotions, HiArtPromotions.com, High Art Promotions, HighArtPromotions, and HighArtPromotions.com)