HiArtLife is about healthy beautiful life “styles.” Don’t just make a living, make a statement in your life, with your life – state that you are going to live a Hi Art Life!

– Tours: Satisfaction guaranteed, private, premium, and personalized Tours for you! (We also give net proceeds to nonprofits – you choose – we pay it forward! Tours show you how nonprofits, philanthropists, business, and all walks of life, past & present, sustain legacies for Charleston & the World!)

- DOWNTOWN Charleston, SC – Visit,  downsize,  &  move here… Meet diverse trendsetters who thrive downtown Doin The Charleston. Live, work, learn, play, pray, visit, shop, eat, dance, etc). You can even Live on a Sailboat and fish with dolphins downtown. Do The Charleston Hi Arts Downtown: (cultural HiArts, fine arts, jazz, dancing, film, theatre, edible arts, wearable arts, preservation arts). Broaden Horizons, whistle while you work, put a dance in every step you take, and you’re Doin’ The Charleston. Walk – Bike everywhere – see links below!  Ride the free Trolley to EVENTS with visitors/residents (Condè Nast Traveler’s Readers Choice for #1 city in the US – Friendliness, Most Attractive, Stylish, Cultural, Historical!  (Charleston’s known as “The Paris of the United States,” prior to 1860).

 TIKKUN OLAM: Make the world better. Here’s our secret recipe: It is simple for anyone to create a healthy world, NOW. Take a fun healthy walk downtown for Edible Arts (farm-to-table, local, sustainable, indigenous, etc). Organic food gives you healthy energy, especially when you need to pick yourself up and “Recharge Your Life.” Spread the inspiration and make an IMPACT NOW. Collaborate with us, fire-up, and enrich Charleston & the world. Walk to the organic urban gardens; plant the seeds; harvest the cornucopia; and reap the gains. Reward the bounty and hard work and give a little back at your Party For A Purpose…dance the night away Doin The Charleston…repeat tomorrow…

“Second Sundays” on KING Street:  Each month, the street is an open air celebration of walking, strolling, shopping, eating, arts, and awareness. No cars are allowed on King Street this one day a month from 1-6pm. (To make it permanent –> contact me to make an IMPACT, NOW)

–  CharlestonMoves.org Top level leaders, enthusiasts, events, parties for a purpose, FUNdraising, blogs, tips, etc – advocating for bike commuting, safety, getting things done, and more. Support us now, to help us get a bike lane over the Ashley River Bridge, and more!! Kurt Cavanaugh is the hip new Exec Dir with a wealth of savvy success & exec experience from urban greenspace planning in Brooklyn, NY. (Former Exec Dir, Tom Bradford, is another Intl Pro in Charleston (> 25 yrs as a Producer at CBS News). Don Sparks, Citadel Professor of Intl Bus & Econ, spearheaded the grass roots effort to make a bike & pedestrian lane on the Cooper River Bridge!)

–  Blue Collar Bandits – Charleston bicycle club with events, day/night rides (midnight rides & after party socials), racing, tips on biking/bikes, etc. Members are often leading, following, or volunteering at bike advocacy/fundraising events. Facebook.

– Holy City Bike Coop:  An old oasis on King Street (closed – now needing a new location to reopen – best to join Facebook Group). Empowering individuals everyday with the basics, “try my wrench, take my spare tire, cheers, you did it, we did it…” Grass roots, progressive, trendsetters. Big or small, DAN & the gang helps ’em all.

- RIDEdwin Annual (July) Bicycle Ride to honor the memory of Edwin Gardner, who loved bicycling around Charleston for transportation, adventure, and to engage with the wonderful downtown community. He is celebrated & remembered with joy, enthusiasm, and advocacy for biking (unfortunately he was hit and killed by a car while he was riding a bike downtown).

- Past Archives <–Pictures, Links, Petitions, etc.

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