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“Passion For Peace” HiArtFilms International HiArtPromotions. Sponsor, Donate, Watch, Share!

“Passion For Peace” HiArtFilms International HiArtPromotions. Sponsor, Donate, Watch, Share!

Sparking Charleston & the World. We’ll spark you, to spark HiArtFilms, to spark audiences, and so on, around the world…

- Contact us, we create HiArtFilms about you and your HeARTs’ Arts (people, communities, nonprofits, business) thru all HiARTs. Read our PUPOSE, MISSION, and HOW WE ENGAGE. We make movies with a call-to-action that’s addicting, compelling to share with broader audiences, and watched again and again, now and forever. This broadens and reinforces your passion; your personal message; your business Sponsors’ brand; your Nonprofits’ message; your community; and your world.

HiArtFilms mixes rich cinematography, original HiArt music, and all HiArts to showcase polished visionaries and diamonds in the rough from all walks of life. We empower them to spark so their impact is seen and “felt,” so all ages can relate to them and get fired-up. Watch HiArtFilms and you will want to join us; bring your friends; polish your diamonds; and “Recharge Your Life.” You will feel the ground swell and see the critical mass that inspires you to jump up and pile on and break the dam. You will realize you can join us and create waves and ride the waves! We pull on your heART strings and engage your gut feelings to re-enforce what you always dreamed of, to come together and create adventures (that, oh by the way, enrich and sustain Charleston and the world). Whistle while you work, put a dance in every step you take, and Do The Charleston.  Don’t wait on anything or anyone…you are the one you’ve been waiting for.

–  Hi Art Films  –  Merrick Teichman –  Writer, Producer, Director, Filmaker, Collaborator.

–  Hi Art Films  –  Stars…YOU - we showcase the passion and purpose of polished diamonds (stars, donors, sponsors, nonprofits, Executive Producers, etc) or we dig up the diamond inside you and polish you up, thru HiArts, so you spark! Then with your fuel, we’ll fire-up Charleston and the world. (Just like 90 years ago, the Jenkins Orphanage in Charleston need to raise funds for their nonprofit orphanage. They were desperate, but through their passion, they sparked and created HiArt Jazz and The Charleston dance. Their HiArt promotions, HiArt tours, and HiArt Hollywood films fired up the Great Gatsby and the world, forever. They raised funds for their orphanage, created sustainable jobs for themselves; created HiArt; and inspired generations then, now, and forever). Now it’s your turn. If an orphanage can change the world, anyone can. Join us – let’s Do The Charleston.

–  Hi Art Films  –  Watch Trailers and “concept” clips – a taste of what we will do … a taste of what’s to come. To show what we can create pinching pennies, so you know we can make far greater HiArtFilms about you and still meet your budget!

–  Hi Art Films  – Documentaries <– Edutainment! Ask and we’ll show you our proprietary HiArtFilms footage ready for post production editing, along with a series of scripts!

–  Hi Art Films  – VIP Events, Galas, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, FUNdraisers, Tours, Retreats, Edutainment, etc.


Others’ Videos We Like:

– Dance Videos – Doin The Charleston



Note: HiArtFilms is our brand name (and can be referred to as Hi Art Films, HiArtFilms.com, High Art Films, HighArtFilms, and HighArtFilms.com)

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