“Passion For Peace” HiArtFilms International HiArtPromotions Sponsor/Donate & Watch/Share

“Passion For Peace” HiArtFilms and HiArtPromotions: Sponsor/Donate & Watch/Share


To Spark, Broaden Horizons, Enrich, & Give Back to Charleston & the World.


DoTheCharleston Tours and ARTicles show you proven success. Seeing is believing. We further this success with HiArtPromotions (Sponsors’ brand names, HeART-felt services & product placements, campaigns, pARTies for a purpose, and FUNdraising) and with placement in HiArtFilms about  your HeARTs Arts (people, lifestyles, communities, nonprofits, business); Edible Arts (Wine & Dine); Wearable Arts (Fashion For Cause); Preservation Arts; Cultural Arts; Performing Arts; and all Fine Arts. All with a message and with net proceeds to benefit your causes. This is how to Do The Charleston!


DoTheCharleston.com uses HiArts to showcase others’ HeARTs Arts, to enrich, and to pay it forward. We’ll show you how -now- we’ll personalize private Tours to show you. (Our best international tours, campaigns, films, & scripts are proprietary, in production, and need your support to perfect – we’ll show you)

Up until now, we’ve been walking the walk. “Build it and they will come” has been the strategy. One must show proven experience, compelling stories, niche angles, creativity, perseverance, and jumping hurdles that always come unexpectedly. We have been bootstrapping with in-kind support; years of blood, sweat, & tears; and our own skin in the game.

Now it’s your turn to support and sustain these endeavors to benefit you, Charleston, and the world.

To help our mission (see below), we offer innovative hi-exposure benefits and credits for new “Executive Producers” (cash & in-kind Donors (personal supporters, benefactors, & angel investors), Sponsors, and Nonprofits). This is paramount to help meet costs to perfect, embellish, & greatly increase the quality and hi-exposure of articles, tours, campaigns, jewelry, and HiArtFilms. In return, we offer world class quality local & international high exposure and credits; and we also write about and film Exec Producers & Sponsors’ HeARTs Arts, including sponsor product placement & branding in films.


Goal 1: To enrich and give back thru HiProfile HiArts thru the internationally recognizable brand name, DoTheCharleston.com. (Like Jazz and The Charleston Dance, HiProfile HiArts that will last forever: from it’s creation by the Charleston nonprofit Jenkins Orphanage, to Hollywood, to great Gatsbys, and around the world).

Goal 2: To enrich and give back thru HiProfile HiArtFilms & HiArtPromotions and their Exec Producers, Sponsors, and their HeARTs Arts.

Goal 3: To spark & sustain triple bottom line profits and ROI for DoTheCharleston.com, HiArtFilms, HiArtPromotions, Exec Producers, and Sponsors’ repeat sales of brandname product placements.

Goal 4: To spark HiArtPromotions with Sponsors (brand name products/services) and give back, pay-it-forward, and sustain 5% minimum net proceeds benefiting the Exec Producers & Sponsors’ HeARTs Arts. To lead with HiArts, lead with a carrot, engage, create awareness, educate, and call-to-action new enthusiasts/supporter/donors to benefit their HeARTs Arts. To showcase HiArtPromotions’ Sponsors’ branding & product placement in HiArtFilms and on Haute Couture Red Carpets, Events, & Fashion Shows (Wearable Arts – Fashion for a Cause).

Goal 5: To spark HiArtFilms and win international film festivals like Sundance (with priority credits for Headlining Presenters, Executive Producers, Sponsors (and brand name products), and their HeARTs Arts). To win and make multiple series of HiArtFilms for Film Studios, TV, Cable networks, DVDs, etc. Net proceeds to benefit their HeARTs Arts.



“People that care, they make a difference...”

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