Sparking Charleston & the World!

–  ARTicles – Current Updates – Things to do, people to see –  Events – Annual & Weekly.

–  Tours:  Satisfaction guaranteed, private, premium, and personalized for you! Our premium Guides are experienced, historians, speakers, and hosts – and we give back! (We give net proceeds to nonprofits and pay it forward. We show you how, historically and today, we sustain legacies for Charleston & the World! Reserve last minute, but better reserve in advance.

–  Preservation ARTs: The past, the present, and the future.

–  HiArtCuisine: Wine & Dine & Dance.

–  Wearable ARTs: Fitness & Fashion For A Cause

–  Performing & Fine ARTs:  Jazz,  Dancing, Theater... recharge your batteries, there is so much to DO…”whistle while you work,” and put a dance in your step…hum the music, feel the energy, let it out, and express yourself…”dig, dig, dig, dig” and create a better Charleston & the world.

–  Cultural ARTs: Museums, Attractions, Outdoors…

–  Livable ARTs: Downsize & move downtown to live, work, study, shop, play, eat…walk & bike to all the Events and ARTs; enjoy shady & waterfront public gardens; watch the Dolphins & sailboats; sunrises & sunsets; moonrises & moonsets…

–  Secular ARTs: Reach-out, make Charleston & the world better, and Tikuun Olam.

– Entrepreneurial Arts: We show you how in our Good Guys Tours (we do Bad Guys Tours, too, but we’re the only ones that do Good Guy Tours). Satisfaction guaranteed, private, premium, and personalized Tours for you! (We also give net proceeds to nonprofits – you choose – we pay it forward! Tours show you how nonprofits, philanthropists, business, and all walks of life, past & present, sustain  Charleston & the World!)

–  Sailing ARTs: Sailing Life Downtown

–  Liberal ARTS: Schools

–  Hotel’s ARTs: HOTELs

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