Events, Galas, Weddings, BarMitzvahs

Sparking Charleston & the World!

–  Event Planning: We create innovative, engaging, and moving VIP Events, Galas, Weddings,  Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Tours, FUNdraisers, Retreats, Meetings, Edutainment, Wine & Dine, Fashions, etc

–  Hi Art Films: we create innovative, engaging, moving films/videos with original music, rich cinematography, and movies with a message. (Links to Videos clips).

Your colleagues, friends, family, and new supporters will watch, re-watch, and continually be moved by your passionate stories (and hum your HiArtFilms music). You’ll empower others to join you & follow your lead. will showcase your inspiring Hi Art Film Shorts/Trailers with Charleston & the World.

PRICING starts at $8,500 for (3) HiArtFilms, DVD copies, plus web posting:

– Multiple day & night shoots with reliable Cameramen.

– (3) Unique Hi Art Films: (1) Short Film plus (1) Music Video Trailer with your moving stories and message plus exciting memorable music. (1) Chronological video of events will capture the raw natural progression of events & shoots, including ambient sounds, voices, interviews, personal passionate comments, and music at events.

– Premiums & Extras are recommended for even more exciting: HiArtFilms, story-lines, shoots, equipment, editing, DVDs, photography, Bands, DJs, VJs, Dancers, Tours, etc.

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