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DO The Charleston HiArts: Put a dance in your step, “whistle while you work…dig, dig, dig, dig,” build a better world, and tikuun olam. Make an Impact NOW, engage, and recharge Charleston, the world, and your life with HiArtTherapy.

Performing Arts & Fine ARTs:  Dance, music, theatre, film, fashion, food, festivals, museums, galleries, nature, and more… HiArtFashion: Wearable HiArts, runway fashion shows, shopping, product placement in HiArtFilms, red carpet premiers, and especially diamonds & dance shoes. HiArtPromotions: Fashion, fitness, flamenco, food, film, and fundraising for a good cause. HiArtCuisine: Culinary HiArts – dashing diamonds, delicious drinks, distinguished dining, and dancing till dawn. HiArtTours: DO The Charleston, DO The World, and be a part of very slow historic performing arts (very slow, decades, centuries).

– HiArtDance - Weekly/monthly social dances, clubs, restaurants, galas, and parties for a purpose. Dance is definitely HiArtTherapy – it will change your life. Private Lessons (Basics for beginners; social dance etiquette & styling to meet & embrace new dance partners around the world; lead/follow cool dance moves; traditional, freestyle; close embrace, connection, balance, dips, lifts; etc. Do The Charleston, Swing, Blues, Tango, Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata, Shag/Beach Music, Ecstatic, Contact Improv). Private lessons at HiArtFilms’ studio – French Quarter Waterfront Park –> contact us.

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DoTheCharleston.com recommends these HiArts:

-  Noodle & Eden, The Amazing Mittens,  &  The V-Tones

–  Charleston Swing Dance Association – Live Music, DJs, Social Events, Travel, Lindy Bombs!! They teach how to Do The Charleston, Swing Dance Lessons between 6-8pm, then Dance until 11pm.  Knights of Columbus at 143 Calhoun. $3-$8.

copyright CSDA

–  Roaring Twenties Hot Jazz Dance Club Social Dancing, Live Bands, and Lessons (Group & Private) with Stephen Duane, “…authentic…will stop at nothing to bring a time gone by back to reality.” Every Wednesday (7pm lesson, dance 8-11pm) and Sunday (6pm lesson, dance 7-10pm) at Prohibition Charleston Restaurant & Bar, 547 King St.
copyright 2011 Roaring Twenties Hot Jazz Dance Club

copyright 2011 Roaring Twenties Hot Jazz Dance Club

–  “Holy City Blues” Dance Events - these are some of the same cool cats who are Doin The Charleston. They can even teach how to Do The Charleston, but they really teach you Blues Dancing. Their Facebook Events are the best! Blues dancing gets you in-tune with the music’s nuances, so you explore & interpret it in sync with your dance partner. When you & your partner are resonating in the same frequency, the world trips the light fantastic! The Blues make you happy.

Jazz Artists of Charleston (JAC) and Charleston Jazz Orchestra are always Doin The Charleston.

Ecstatic Dance of Charleston – Hosted by the inspiring Alex Seaman, it’s a monthly ecstatic dance with no alcohol, no drugs, no judgement, no expectations…just ecstasy, naturally. Usually first Friday or so, 7-9pm at St. Julian Devine Center at 1 Cooper St. (Gorgeous dance floor with sunset views of downtown Charleston harbor…this is a retrofitted old toxic incinerator plant retrofitted into a community center. Yes! Go green!)Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 8.20.30 PM

–  Charleston Arts SC  –  Events  &  more

–  Charleston Academy of Music – Founder Eunjoo Yun, Prof Enrique Graf, and Intl Prodigy Michah McLaurin, etc – accessible, approachable, yet world class. Truly, they don’t just bring the world to downtown Charleston, they bring the stars to earth to touch to feel…even underprivileged kids, right here, right now!

– Charleston Symphony Orchestra – 75th anniversary – Congrats! Here’s to 75 more for our kids’ kids!

–  College of Charleston – Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art  –  Bluesphere! Mark Sloan is the terrific Dir. and Sr. Curator.

–  College of Charleston  – School of the Arts

May – June   SPOLETO

copyright 2011 Spoleto Festival USA

–  May – June  Piccolo  SPOLETO

copyright 2011 PiccoloSpoleto@BSBI2011

–  Charleston Jewish Experience  @ BSBI – Hi Arts Events

–  Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts: breaking down the barriers to more participation in the arts…more approachable …turn more of the public into patrons…Jessica Solomon Bluestein, Exec Dir.Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 6.01.56 PM

– Feb SEWE – SouthEastern Wildlife Expo

–  GirlsRockCharleston.org –  Real cool, real fun, real raw, real rock…Real! Amazing enthusiasm and rousing roars, “Raising awareness to empower both girls & women age 8 -18 so they can…ROCK!! Our 8 yr olds get electric guitars, yeh!” Their summer camp is @ Ashley Hall.

- Charleston Fine Art Dealer’s Association – 7/15/2011 The Palette & Palate Stroll is a creative scholarship fundraiser by strolling among many fine art galleries, tasting top local chefs’ delicacies & wine.


Charleston Theater:

– TheatreCharleston.comEmily Wilhoit, Ex Dir, is also an actress and great at engaging kids. The League of Charleston Theatres alliance has a comprehensive website with great details as well as Links. You can join as an actor, play-write, etc, and also join as a Patron to support the Arts and get special deals,  ticket discounts, & insider perks.  

- Sprouts Theater – enticed to come to CreativeSpark.org in Mt.Pleasant  – anotherRenaissance Man, Stan Gill could be in Seattle, Toronto, NY, London, etc, but “WE” got him <– so the world needs to come to Charleston to see Sprouts. Stan writes his own original successful “Sprouts Brand” of screenplays, music, and lyrics; Produces, Directs, acts, sings, designs/builds the sets; AND teaches & fosters his Sprouts’ Company of  loyal professionals: actors, & theater crew. Not just for kids (his cultured humor targets adults, for sure), his live theater hasenergizing chase scenes and engaging interplay with the audience –even AFTER the show!

YouTube Preview Image

Theater 99 and The Have-Nots Improv ComedyRead the DoTheCharleston.com REVIEW – Improv Training “…ALIVE” live Theater – Magnetized performers pull-in the audience on a time warp rocket ride where no man has gone before. Whether a Pro, “passive” theater goer, or inquisitive wanna-be Trainee… FREE association…spring back to LIFE (L’Chaim) on a natural high that you can’t bottle and sell – its free, yet it’s priceless. Good or bad, it’s so easy to laugh and smile. Confused? How can you ride a roller coaster in downtown Charleston? Well come on down to the end of the peninsula, it’s never ending…”

–  Midtown/Sheri Grace Productions <– from downtown, go over the Ashely River to Folly Rd.  Click on  DoTheCharleston.com REVIEW of Play,  “OUT of STERNO” by local Director Robin Farmer…even the set is fresh and fun – credit Theater Partner Ryan Ahlert. He Broadens Horizons, in that one can aspire to be a Renaissance Man like Ryan: he is a Business “Partner;” an Artist; a sophisticated space saving architect; and makes it all work as a blue collar carpenter on a budget. (<– Side track, to emphasize a recurring example on DoTheCharleston.com:  We all benefit living creatively. NOW, open your mind & your eyes, and it comes at you from every angle and out of the woodwork (pun intended). Downsize with pocket doors, folding walls, and spinning tables of changing art. It is so much fun to to live efficiently).

Theatre Mavelosa  “Our performances are gifts we send out into the world; a burst of life and joy,” founder and creator Willi Jones.


Charleston FILM Links:

–  Annual Charleston Film Festival – OK, this is still close to downtown.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 1.17.40 PM


–  Charleston International Film Festival

Screen Shot 2012-11-15 at 4.49.25 PM

– Do The Charleston History lessons:

–  OLDIES Do The Charleston Dance Videos

–  history1900s – 1920s – charleston – origin of song and dance

–  http://www.streetswing.com/histmain/z3chrlst.htm  –  origin of song and dance



–  NEA – National Endowment for the Arts

–  Americans for the Arts

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