RATES below. Satisfaction guaranteed, private, premium, and personalized Tours for you! (We also give net proceeds to nonprofits – you choose - we pay it forward! Tours show you how nonprofits, philanthropists, business, and all walks of life, past & present, sustain legacies for Charleston & the World!)

Call/text  704-564-3967, Merrick, or Contact here. Ok last minute, but better reserve in advance. Ask for “ Tours.” Our guides are premium experienced historians, speakers, hosts, and ambassadors. (See below, our guide Mark Jones wrote the book “Doin The Charleston”).

TOURS – private, premium, personalized – mix & match below (extra fees may apply):

– Cultural ARTs: lifestyles, history, battles, pirates, ghosts, bad-guys, good-guys, philanthropists, Tikuun Olam, Jewish, Christian, Gullah, etc. 

– Preservation ARTs: homes & gardens, architecture, antiques, synagogues, churches, plantations, forts, nature, beaches, sailing, kayaking, etc.

– Performing & Fine ARTs: museums, galleries, film, music, theatre, festivals. Dance – learn how to Do The Charleston! Ask about our “Dinner and a Show,” and our “Dinner & Dancing.”

– Wearable ARTs: fashions & fitness, shops & spas, etc.

– HiArtCuisine Tours: Tapas tastings & wine pairings; meet Chefs at each haute cuisine restaurant; hands-on cooking classes; local farm to table; etc. We show you how to gorge, give back, and get good spirits. This is not a ghost tour, but we do whisper. Pass the word, “” gets you on our “Spirits Tour” and into Speakeasies, Gin Joints, & Craft Beer Pubs. Ask about our “Dinner and a Show” and our “Dinner & Dancing.”

– Your HeARTs ARTs: Nonprofits, Galas, Parties for a Purpose, Schools, Business, Philanthropist, etc

Interpreters: foreign languages & sign language interpreter can accompany your Guide.

RATES: Private Walking Tours (and/or Driving Tours, 1-4 persons). Ask if discounts available.

$90/hour for 2 people, minimum 2 hours.

$110/hour for 3 people, minimum 2 hours.

$130/hour for 4 people, minimum 2 hours.

$150/hour for 5-8 people, minimum 2 hours.

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Mark Jones wrote “Doin’ The Charleston:” Jazz and The Charleston dance started from the black roots of the nonprofit Jenkins’ Orphanage in Charleston. From the children’s spark, it spread like wild-fire to all walks of life, Kings, Queens, “The Great Gatsby,” and Hollywood. Then, now, and forever, everyone wants to Do The Charleston (including all nonprofits – we pARTy for purpose), in Charleston and around the world!

BUY BOOKS Contact – say you, “saw the book on”

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