——-   2010 – 2011  Special Event  ——–

Copyright onEdition. VELUX 5 OCEANS Skipper Brad Van Liew on his yacht, Le Pingouin

–  Charleston’s Brad Van Liew, solo race LEADER! Velux 5 Oceans Solo Sailboat Race Around the World.

–  May 7 - Rock The Dock Party – 7-11pm  Celebrate with Brad, with Charleston, and with the World at Seabreeze Marina, downtown. Get tickets early $12.

~ May   Charleston Harbor Fest has many events planned with the Final leg 5 of the Solo Race. They’ll race on to finish in France mid June.

–  Apr 19 –  Sunset FINISH LINE! Charleston’s Brad Van Liew just Won Leg 4 – CONGRATS! GO Welcome Brad Home at Seabreeze Marina!

- WATCH  RACE!! <– Click here  (…wait, then on left click “Raceviewer;” then click “Replay Sprint 4″)

- The Race Started Oct 2010, France to Cape Town, S.Africa. Then to Wellington, New Zealand. Then to Brazil, then Charleston. He has won all 4 legs do far. He will be the 1st US Sailboat racer to Solo Around the World for the 3rd time – and hopefully win again. More astronauts have been in space then solo sailers around the world – it is that challenging.

– Click and WAIT for Brad’s  Sponsor VIDEO to load, it’s awesome <– CONTACT me to Sponsor.

– In Charleston, Brad Van Liew was the Exec. Dir. of  SCMaritime.org and the Spirit of SC Tall Ship – they empower > 7000 students to broaden horizons!


Ashley Marina Aerial on Charleston Peninsula

–  Ashley Marina – Buy a Dockominium, it’s the Best Kept Secret to sustainable independent downsizing freedom - CONTACT me for the full inside scoop. World Class access to a lifetime of diverse beauty with the vast Charleston harbour, intercoastal waterway, and close-in undeveloped exotic barrier island retreats like Capers Island and Bulls Bay. Fast access to the exciting surf & sea. Then close-in safe healthy sailing, kayaking, swimming, and scuba. Living on the water with big skies, sunrises/sunsets, moonrises/moonshadows/moonsets, brilliant milky way stars, etc. Then there’s the dolphins, sea turtles, sea otters, manatees, blue crabs, blue heron, Ospray, etc. Sail the seas, then Walk or Bike downtown to a French Restaurant…

Did I describe sharing and engaging life everyday with Charleston’s diverse residents, like dolphins:

Broaden Horizons, easy, just walk along waterfront, keep an eye open, engage face-to-face, and live in harmony everyday with the World. Photo credit, copyright Michael Beitenhaus, do not use without written release.


–  Mar 17 – 22 -The Gunilla Swedish Tall Ship is at the  SC Maritime Center (normally home to Spirit of SC Tall Ship).  They all empower students to broaden horizons! (843) 722-1030 Hmmm, hmmm, Contact me

–  Apr 15 – 17,  2011  East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival. Charleston is a world class destination for vast diverse year-round kayaking.


Tall Ship in Charleston Harbor Fest

–  May 12 -15 ,  2011  Charleston Harbour Fest <-– cool pictures.


–  May 21 –  ?  2011  Charleston Bermuda Race


Happy Thanksgiving from Downtown Charleston! copyright 2011 DoTheCharleston.com

–  Coming, soon, more Links


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