Reviews – Fashion For A Cause

7 Mar  Reviews – “Fashion For A Cause:”

–  Tabula Rasa Salon 125 Canon St  (843) 577 7595 – Hair Stylists, Makeup, and In-Salon or On-Location custom services for Event Planning, Weddings, VIP Galas, etc (and look for her Make-Up Artists on film – she just did a video).

I met Salon owner, Melissa, a few times. First, at her Salon on the official route of the trendy community event, Fall 2010 Bike & Browse the Boroughs, with Dan (Holy City Bike Coop) and Brandon (The Hub). Second was following some genius VJs (Jack & Soup – from Open Dome). Third was the charm, at her brother Billy’s friendly Remedy Market. Birds of a feather flock together, so I planted a seed to broaden horizons and discuss “fashion-for-a-cause” over my hair cut.

Typical of Charleston, she is a welcoming spirit, and of course has a diverse art background – her father in Chicago ran a trendy theater. Oh, and any artistic eye will love the beautiful graphic arts on her web site & logo, as well as her salon’s interior decor.

She works, eats, plays, and lives a Life “style.” When you get a taste for fashion for a cause, you see even opposites attract around her magnetic field. Don’t be surprised: whether you see skin heads; or NY wedding parties; or her stylists’ credits on videos; or Social Entrepreneurs (Billy followed & opened Remedy Market in her “Borough”), and her sister was drawn back to Charleston, too.

She even put my Mar13 KidsFair poster in her window, which doesn’t fit her classic simplicity clean storefront facade – but, she agreed, we have to all create awareness; fuel good community events; and enrich and sustain Charleston & the World.

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