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2013 Fashion Week

20 Mar

2014  Charleston Fashion Week – New Updates

Carolina Gribble Bryan, Beautiful, inside & out, n'est pas?

Carolina Gribble Bryan, Beautiful, inside & out, n’est pas?

 2013  Charleston  FASHION  WEEK 

YouTube Preview Image

  Charleston FASHION  WEEK Charity Partners (2013 and 2014). DoThe focuses on “Fashion For A Cause,” so follow:

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.11.40 AM Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.12.40 AM


[It's all about The Cause. Oh yeah, thanks to Fashion Week. Fashion For A Cause. Copyright 2013 interviews Tracy & Stefanie @11thGorgeous: "Epic...young & old, everybody loves coming together for a greater good" [Tears of joy, obviously]

[It’s all about The Cause. Oh yeah, thanks to Fashion Week. Fashion For A Cause. Copyright 2013 interviews Tracy & Stefanie @11thGorgeous: “Epic…young & old, everybody loves coming together for a greater good” [Tears of joy, obviously]


2012 Charleston Fashion Week 

Femme Fatale #1: "Ooo la la, parlez-vous français? Allez-vous à Paris Haute Couture ainsi que la Semaine de la mode Charleston? ...Femme Fatale #2: "Mais bien sûr, nous sommes à la fois incroyable! N'est-ce pas? ...Femme Fatale #1: Voila! Bon Vivant!


- 2011 Fashion Week: Watch HiArtFilms concept clips <– Read Full REVIEW (Excerpt “..with Emily Hearn & Mark Bryan, Ayoka, Mother-Daughters(Jen Snyder-Maddy Parnall)…RAW Video Interviews shot by Charleston…9th grader, Chloe Teichman, in her first video shoot ever. Chloe threw her lack of credentials and caution to the wind, because Fashion Week’s wonder & spectacle bombarded all the senses and had to be investigated…she helped make a movie with a message…”

Audition: Multi-Talented Musician/Dancers March 11

9 Mar

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 6.40.41 PM

– Dance & Music Showcase (for Downtown Venue the in April. Expect 4-8 rehearsals.

– Pay ~ $150 – $300 total (+ more for top top talent) 

– Auditions Invitation:

12:30-4pm, weekdays, asap.

– Invitations will have address of Studio.

– MUST BE Multi-Talented cute/fit/fun/engaging artists.

– Blues, Jazz, Soul, R&B, and Rock

– 18+ male and female roles for both:

– Singers and Musicians

– Dancers (solo and also lead/follows)

– Actors, Hosts, Hostesses, Emcees, Spokesmodels

– Bring a cool blues outfit or two. Be ready to play your instrument with the blues band. If you sing, know the key and chord progression so the band can play along.

– Email for prescreening, include your bio & photos (or video/audio link). If you qualify, we’ll email back the invitation & studio address.

– Thanks

Mar 28 – Apr 3 Week “Updates”

28 Mar

“Under Construction,” check back (or Follow as a Fan on Facebook, tell friends, Twitter…

–  Walk – Bike Lane Over Ashley <–Details at  Click –> RESOLUTION Download, Print on your Letterhead. Sign, NOW, I’ll pick-up. CONTACT me to Make an IMPACT, NOW! Comment below; sign-up others; Facebook; Twitter; & Tweet —>

Downtown Bridges Across Ashley River. Copyright, do not use without written release.

–  Mar 28,  Public Hearing,  3:30-5:30 Charleston: How Bike-Friendly Do You Think It Is? <— Charleston Moves BLOG: “…Charleston City Councilman Mike Seekings wants everyone to come give YOUR viewpoint:  Is the city on the right track when it comes to managing ballooning bicycle traffic? And is Charleston good to pedestrians? Charleston City Hall.

2010 – 2011  Special Event!   —

Copyright onEdition. VELUX 5 OCEANS Skipper Brad Van Liew on his yacht, Le Pingouin

- WATCH  RACE!! <– Click here  (…wait, then on left click “Raceviewer;” then click “Replay Sprint 4″)

–  Mar 27 – mid Apr:  Charleston’s Brad Van Liew’s solo race from Brazil to Charleston!  Velux 5 Oceans Solo Sailboat Race Around the World. Click and WAIT for Brad’s  VIDEO to load, it’s awesome <– CONTACT me to sponsor.

- The Race Started Oct 2010, France to Cape Town, S.Africa. Then to Wellington, New Zealand. Then to Brazil. He has won all 3 legs do far. He will be the 1st US Sailboat racer to Solo Around the World for the 3rd time – and hopefully win again. More astronauts have been in space then solo sailers around the world – it is that challenging.

~ May 18 The Final leg will race out of Charleston and arrive France mid June.

– In Charleston, Brad Van Liew was the Exec. Dir. of and the Spirit of SC Tall Ship – they empower > 7000 students to broaden horizons!


–  Mar 28,  7 – 8:30pm, College of Charleston  –  Jewish Studies Center: The Promised Land? Slavery, Freedom, and Southern Jews” by Stuart Rockoff. Lecture Series, “Food for Thought,” a stellar lineup of leading speakers discuss impacts on Jewish – African American relations after the war… Series preceded by desserts and coffee. Free/public. 96 Wentworth (843) 953-5682 (Room: Arnold Hall).

–  Mar 29,  7 – 9pm, College of Charleston  –  Jewish Studies Center: Contemporary Israeli Cinema: Yossi and Jagger: Multiple awards…two lovers, set on the border of Israel and Lebanon. Hebrew instructor Tsipi Wagner leads discussion after. Movies are Hebrew with English subtitles. Free/public. 96 Wentworth (843) 953-5682 (Room: Arnold Hall).

–  Weekly Dances, Lessons, Events –> Charleston Swing Dance Assoc.

–  Apr 1,  7:30pm, Stephen’s lessons, dances, snacks, Fridays:

–  Apr  2,   Cooper River Bridge RUN – They raise worldwide awareness for their sponsored Non-Profits, as well as FUNdraising.


–  Family Circle Cup “Tennis in the City”

–  Apr  2 – 10,  Family Circle Cup TENNIS on Daniel Island. Tuesday night Apr 5, celebrate Charleston’s  ”Best Tennis Town” USTA  Award of $100,000 for programs & facilities. Click here for Website Details…also note–> “Tennis in the City,” a 1-day fun outreach clinic for urban youth which includes WTA Tour & local tennis pros and also college & high school tennis teams. Both Venus & Serena Williamshave brought World Class tennis to downtown Charleston, including exciting personal instruction for underprivileged urban kids ages 5 – 18, fostering urban tennis for a lifetime.


New Page: Sponsor & Donor Levels & Lists

24 Mar

Go to New PAGE under Make an IMPACT, NOW!
Shine on Charleston & the World. Copyright, do not use without written release.


RAW Video – new Green Video

24 Mar

– Update Apr 22 – Happy Earth Day!  CONGRATS “My Day: Charleston,” Local Green Winner. (WATCH Video here –> 5th video)

Daily, Daily, we are everywhere, learning, sharing, speaking up…(Should I ask – it’s almost too easy – ask and you shall receive): Pardon me, but it sounds like you two are making an interesting video that you’d like to share? “Yeh, we just now finished making a nice fun video to show how we live green and take care of Charleston everyday. Yeh, we want to show Charleston & the World! Yeh, we want to right NOW! Well, OK then, thank you very much!” - Maridith Shaffer and Annie Carenbauer, “My Day: Charleston,” Mar 23, 2011.

Mar 16–20 Weekend Update

19 Mar

Priceless, yet Free for all…SUPER MOON…scroll farther down on page for details …


–  Mar 16 – 20,  Charleston Film Festival

YouTube Preview Image

–  Mar 19, 7pm  Park Circle Films <-– Go to N.Charleston to see award winning film “THE MATCHMAKER.They bring great films in collaboration with the Jewish Federation of Charleston and The Charleston Film Festival at the Terrace .


–  Mar 19,  9am, Walk for Water: Meet at Cannon Park 1/2 block south of Calhoun 0n Rutledge, and walk for 3.5 miles carrying a bucket for donations to Water Missions International HQs.

–  Mar 19, 10am – 4pm, Masters of the Building Arts Festival at the American College of the Building Arts:  Free, at their campus at the Old City Jail, live music, FOOD, world class lectures & demos.

–  Mar 19  10:30am – 5pm Blackwater Ukulele Festival at Cypress Gardens (Butterfly House, native wildlife swamps, canoes, etc). Call 843-553-0515. Total costs are $5-$15ea.  This is so diverse, it is worth the excursion(carpool) out there. Two Ukulele workshops, open mic, Uke vendors and a three act concert. “Buy an uke, learn how to play it, and perform on stage in the same day.”  Three workshops, open mic session, access to ukulele vendors, and a free concert by the Charleston Hot Shots, Noodle &  The V-Tones and special guest Kent Knorr.

–  Mar 19,  noon-6pm,  Charity Concert: A FUNdraiser with Fowler’s Mustache, Jamison’s Alley, Groove Train, Tidal Jive, and HeyRocco. Walk – Bike across Copper River Bridge to Mt.Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park.

YouTube Preview Image

Charleston Super Moon & Morris Is. Lighthouse, Mar2011. (photo credit: @GVLguy Greenville, SC)

——  SPECIAL EVENT!! –> Priceless, yet Free for all. Unforgettable Orange Blood Moon Super Moon. Watch the horizon for the super effect when the moon is full each month (the sunset & moonrise is the same time, so swivel for 360 views). Best view spots:  1.Kayak,  2.Sailboat,  3. Water Taxi,  4. The Battery,  5. Rooftop Restaurants (Market Pavilion Hotel, Vendue Inn, Henry’s). The closer “Perigee” Super Moon will look~15% bigger & 30% brighter!


–  Mar 17 – 22 -The Gunilla Swedish Tall Ship is at the  SC Maritime Center (normally home to Spirit of SC Tall Ship).  They all empower students to broaden horizons! (843) 722-1030


Page Added: Museums, Attractions, Outdoors…

17 Mar

Even though “page under construction – check back for more content,”  goto to the newest page added under Downtown!!

Museums, Attractions, Outdoors… <— much more detail and all the LINKS.

Except below:

EDUTAINMENT – Downtown Museums, Attractions, Parks, & Waterfronts:

–  Charleston Museum – the first museum in the US.

–  Gibbes Museum of Art

–  South Carolina Aquarium

–  Fort Sumter

– and the Spirit of SC Tall Ship

(goto page for much more detail and all the LINKS)

Walk – Bike, UPDATE

17 Mar

(Walk – Bike <– click for ongoing Info)

—   UPDATE:   Timely Info  —

- CONTACT me to Make an IMPACT, NOW! Comment below; sign others; Facebook; Twitter; & Tweet “t” —>

–  Walk – Bike (no cars) 12-6pm on KING Street “Second Sundays” every month! To make it permanent :) 

–  Walk – Bike Lane Over Ashley <–Details at  Click –> RESOLUTION Download, Print on your Letterhead. Sign, NOW, I’ll pick-up.

Downtown Bridges Across Ashley River. Copyright, do not use without written release.

– Apr 22, Happy Earth Day!! Get your MOJO working - Party with a Purpose - walk-bike to Nirvana –> Eco Fashion, Waterball, Movies with a Message…things to do…Do The Charleston!

-Friendly Do You Think It Is?<— Charleston Moves BLOG: “…Charleston City Councilman Mike Seekings wants everyone to come give YOUR viewpoint:  Is the city on the right track when it comes to managing ballooning bicycle traffic? And is Charleston good to pedestrians? Charleston City Hall.


– Mar 25-27,   2011  BikeBike Southeast – Holy City Bike Coop, Dan, and the gang turned me onto this, thanks.

– 2/14/11  – Crossing-the-ashley-river-by-bike-or-foot-how-to-get-involved

– 1/9/11  – Could Tourists-lead-the-way-in-demanding-bike-infrastructure-in-charleston


TODAY ONLY: Comment to Win A Week in Charleston!

15 Mar

Mar 15, TODAY only, enter comment below and say why you want to take a vacation in Charleston, SC, for your chance to WIN a 1-Week stay in Charleston! <– Use less than 140 characters, so I can Tweet It.

(please comment with your first name, and where you are from)

Good Luck!

(your email and full name will not be published, but will only be used if you win, to contact you)

Reviews – Film – ReceiveR Fest – UPDATE + VIDEO

12 Mar

UPDATE – Sat 3/12 Reviews – Theater:  ReceiveR Fest at Redux, “Land of Infinity” by Ian Mozdzen:

“In a word – indescribable. No video, no way, no how, no way…Ok…yes way. Way out – way way out. A few more words:  Tonight’s trip was both out of this world and inside one man’s world. Inside one man, inside every hole of one man, and then back out – right back at yah! Look out, he’s got starry eyes, 4-eyes, the evil eye, the red eye, and the one-eyed snake. This one man show was not isolated on one man, not even his afflicted multi-personalities. His essence hurled over the entire venue (inside and outside Redux Contemporary Art‘s performance hall), and every person within ear shot and nose shot was a part of the performance. This was one of those rare performances where the audience starts looking at each other, again, and again – you know who you are. All the senses were bombarded and bombarded – he ripped apart every thing, every heart, every stomach, every preconception, and every post conception. If an actor ever wanted a part, Ian wanted this – AND- he had his way, and what a character. Bravo to organizers Liz and Jarod for pulling this off – shhshh, under the radar – how in the world can they or anyone top this or delve deeper into that genre?

– UPDATE 3/12 – See New Hi Art Films RAW video of “Stumped.”

–  Mar 10 -13,   ReceiveR Fest –  Engaging Time Based Media Film Festival. Avant-garde like “Off, Off, Broadway,” but so Far-Off,  it’s Far-Out, it’s Charleston.

(1)  You know you’ll broaden horizons when event planners lead you to the hidden OLD CITY JAIL(<–click here, then scroll down).  Dark, eerie, mysterious, and moldy (actually fresh/breezy), me thinks the organizers (happy friends, Liz & Jarod) crafted “the way” for us to wonder & wander around looking for…it…around here, up there.  Ooooh, cooool…oh yeah, this is it. Welcome (kind of like Shangri-La, The Lost Horizon) into the light of the silver screens of different films…so neat:

All the “projections” were interactive and …“off.” No seating, so walk around and create your own bizarre viewpoint, and…wait for it…to unfold <– “Stumped” by Travis Graves, like Rubik’s Cube, takes finding a different vantage point to discover your own “Edutainment.” His grass-roots movement doesn’t project up to a silver screen, his is grounded, set in stone, a concrete cornerstone. Travis empowers and MOVEs the audience!

YouTube Preview Image

I also loved the textured feel of the wet and feathery ducks with thick colorful paint. In “Decoy,” Dawn Nye & Katrazyna Randall beautifully balance amidst a public projection some privately focused headphones for a musical sanctuary woven with soft supple poetry. Again, the extra fun is…waiting for it…peering around the side at the viewer with the headphones, salivating at the source of their expressions, and just coveting those damn headphones, gimme.

(2)  So, Do The Charleston 2-step, and step through a totally different time warp at The Rivers Museum at College of Charleston (Curator, Rick Zender, is a REAL walking encyclopedia, and the museum artifacts are REAL, too). What an intriguing venue to see (better than just the posters at the movie theaters in the suburbs).

Friday night “Films?!? here were…were…well…(this is why writers of reviews are so well respected, ahem, so well paid, ahem, so well liked, ahem, by our mothers). Friday night was…hmm…sharp, like the cutting edge has to be. Into the abyss, these trailblazers chopped through the fury of the wild wild unknown. This was not the pot of gold at the end, this was the exciting journey, full of raw adventures, and raw flesh. The ticket price for this trippy trip was not measured in mere paper bills. The leading edge cut both ways, and while scarred for life, I can’t wait to see what other filmmakers tomorrow will bring. (Like the old story: two lost souls wandering alone in the desert meet up, “Don’t go where I came from. And don’t go where I came from either. Ok,  let’s try somewhere neither of us have been, but let’s go for it, together.”) Don’t look, don’t whisper, but I did hear, “…(deleted, I’m learning)….” But I’m thinking…”no guts, no glory.” I’m humming, “up through the ashes grow the roses of success.” I’m seeing/hearing, “ever sharpening tools, passion, and purpose” in geeky artsy techys. I’m feeling…”Indie Filmmakers have courage that others can not know, until they try…”

(3) And…Do The Charleston 3-step, and step into our world of modern art outside the Halsey at College of Charleston(<–click here, then scroll down for more Links). Wait for it…Sat night…see you there.