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July 27-31 ARTicles

29 Jul

When you read below “Tikkun Olam,” it means repair the world, make the world a better place. Keep checking back! Updates are added for new future events/details/pics in this week, PLUS, Updates/Reviews/Pictures of this week’s past events!

– JULY 27 & 29… Goto “Holy City Blues” for details on their cooool Dancing. Tikkun Olam: Blues dancing gets you in-tune with the music’s nuances, so you explore & interpret it in sync with your dance partner. Much more than a 2-pronged tuning fork…when you & your partner are resonating in the same frequency, the world trips the light fantastic…and that’s also true for new and platonic dance partners. The Blues make you happy 🙂

copyright 2011 Holy City Blues


– JULY 28  Presentation on Diverse Synergies with Top SC & Israeli Collaborators, 10am-12noon at SCRA.  (Update, review of the meeting: A secular audience of 80+ diversified players got to see a lot of SC & Israeli home runs…and there are plenty more pitches to swing at! We were able to listen, learn, and network with the who’s who of heavyweights moving mountains & shaking the bushes. Who shakes out will spring-board off of inspirational angels, philanthropists, trailblazers, power brokers, and promoters. The SC & Israel Collaboration adds an impressive boost of urgency for capturing influential genius; empowering skunkworks, mashups, and R&D; and fast tracking entrepreneurial innovation to fruition. The goals are over the top and the talks upfront and behind the scenes included Tikkun Olam: Stem Cells; composites; defense for mass-transportation; aerospace; sustainable water, land, seeds, energy; etc, etc. Don’t go to SC & Israel for oil…go there for brains. The brain-trusts, the muses, the magic, the history…there’s definitely something in the wellsprings worth sustaining.  APPLY NOW <–> the “Chosen Ones” will spearhead the SC-Israeli Delegation; will be the imminent shooting stars; will further brighten the SC & Israeli spotlight; and will share it with the world.  The more than gracious VIP leadership included Jonathan Zucker and Anita Zucker of InterTech; Tom Glaser of American-Israel Chamber of Commerce SE Region; Bill Mahoney of SCRA; Ray Greenberg’s associates from MUSC; Gal Nir of Scopus; Clemson; Charleston’s Jewish Federation (see more Jewish secular outreach); and many others…Mazol Tov. 

 SC & Israel Collaborators’ Presentation. Copyright 2011


– JULY 28  Sale Soiree benefit for PAR People Against Rape Tikkun Olam. Enjoy live music, shopping, and if you buy new slippers you can drink champagne from them like a king. Memminger Auditorium, 56 Beaufain, 7-10pm $10-$15.

– JULY 29  Shark, Rattle, & Roll.  Another unique party that only the Aquarium can mix together while raising awareness and funds around their conservation & education programs, care for 5000 aquatic neighbors, and Tikkun Olam. Live bands includes Emily Hearn (see her past video by From 7-11pm, Ages > 21 and tkts $25-30.

– July 29 Roaring Twenties Hot Jazz Dance Club with “Mike Larsen’s Classic Memories BIG BAND!” Stephen Duane’s Swing Dance Lesson is 7:30 – 8:30, then dance until 11pm. There is also a Holy City Blues Room! Tikkun Olam: TGIF Thank G-d It’s Friday. You’ve had a hard week of working scrimping & saving, so go invest $10 in main street –> go patronize a live local band (“July is Live Music Month”). Get your yah yahs out. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die…or worse, the government may default and that $10 will be worth 0:

copyright 2011 Roaring Twenties Hot Jazz Dance Club

– JULY 29 from 8-11pm $50-$70 Bitters & Twisted in the Salon d’Orleans Society 1858’s young professional patrons party for a purpose: to fully enjoy all the benefits of The Gibbes’ Museum and be a part of it’s ongoing legacy. Tonight’s courtyard promenade includes costumes, culture, and characters of New Orleans in the 1800s. Of course, Food is Art, so the stage is shared along with period music, featured exhibitions, and Theatre Mavelosa(“Our performances are gifts we send out into the world; a burst of life and joy,” founder & creator Willi Jones). Tikkun Olam, yes, the arts recharge our batteries and smooth over ruffled feathers<–>there’s plenty of smoozing among polarized power brokers, solving the worlds problems, drawn together by the common love & inspiration of Hi Art’s creatives & muses.

– JULY 30 – Charleston Farmers Market - Marion Square, 8am-2pm.  FUN, GO, something for everyone. Tikkun Olam: Patronize local organic farmers & fisherman, and they will thrive & prosper and sustain our independence. This healthier food tastes better and helps us fight obesity. 

– JULY 30, 9am-11am RIDEdwin bike ride to honor the spirit of husband, father, and community leader Edwin Gardner who was biking and was hit by a vehicle and killed 7/21/2010. Supporters, his widow and daughter, and bike riders will celebrate a renewed vigor for raising awareness of the community benefits of all types of biking and sharing the road among cars and bikes. The snowball is building as we take 2 steps forward for each 1 step back (tragically 7/5/2011, Dr. Mitchell Hollon was killed, while riding his bike out of downtown. He was hit by a van and knocked off the high rise bridge into the marsh along the Ashley River). Tikkun Olam. 

Charleston Sunrise Shining on Sailors and Bikers at the Highrise Bridge over Ashley River Marsh. 7/19/2011 Copyright

– JULY 30 noon-6pm $10-$15 Bogard Street Block Party at corner of Rutledge Ave. Come join the neighborhood FUNdraiser for the victims of the July 1st fires at 245 and 247 Rutledge. Come for Bogard Beatz DJs; Roti Rolls and Tasty Thai & Sushi; Budweiser; and Get Real Charleston and La Dolci Vida Swimwear fashion for a cause. Tikkun Olam.

– JULY 30, Do The Charleston! Swing Dance lessons between 6-8pm, then Dance until 11pm.  Charleston Swing Dance Assoc.  Hazel Parker Center at 70 East Bay St. $3-$5 Tikkun Olam: Swing Dancing is GREAT FUN EXERCISE to fight obesity, lower health care costs, and even form new & Platonic relationships with cool cats from 9 to 90 years young. 

– JULY 30 -  7pm  Park Circle Films   “Fred and Vinnie”   N.Charleston Tikkun Olam–>laughing makes it real easy to smile, and smiling is wonderfully contagious <– when you pass on this gift that keeps on giving, its worth more than paper dollars; far more than it’s weight in gold; it’s even better than se…uhh…sliced bread 🙂

[youtube width=”510″ height=”260″][/youtube]



July 18-24 Week Updates

17 Jul

Keep checking back! Updates are added for new future events/details/pics in this week, PLUS, Updates/Reviews/Pictures of this week’s past events!

- JULY 20,  8-10pm $20 “Wine-To-Water” raises funds, raises awareness, and raises glasses to help 1 billion others struggling just to raise a cup of water. Come for another Progressive Party for a Purpose at Social Wine Bar. Wine, water, food, music, and silent auction. Oh and come meet plenty of emerging & leading philanthropists like event organizer Angharad Chester-Jones and her international jet setters.

- JULY 20, 22… Goto “Holy City Blues” for details on their cooool Dancing.

copyright 2011 Holy City Blues

– JULY 21   Charleston was (is?) known as the Paris of the United States. While Bastille Day est fini; the Tour de France is almost fini; Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” is playing at the Terrace; the French Film Festival at CofC’s Sotille Theater is in August; ce soir…ahh, ce soir est ReadCharlie’s CHARLIE CLUB’s 1920′s Parisienne Costume Cocktail Party & dress up photo booth at the King St shop, Cynthia Rowley!  Ooh la la, 6-8pm.

– JULY 22 Roaring Twenties Hot Jazz Dance Club with “The V-Tones!” Stephen Duane makes an offer you can’t refuse, “Hello Jazz Gangsters, Do you need a man who has powerful friends? …bring your nickels and dimes like the politicians we have in our pockets, and we’ll guarantee your investment! Lindy Hop lesson at 7:45 to keep your brain from going soft. Party with the band at 8:45 – 11 and tell them that Luca sent you! As usual, our honored guests will be spoiled with food and drinks in the lobby, but make sure to keep family business in the family! $10 gets you in and keeps you safe ;) Spirit Moves Studio, 445 Savannah Hwy. Dress your best for extra style points, and bring a friend or two as a sign of respect to the Godfather. Also, the Corleone’s would like you to keep up with Noodle McDoodle & the V-Tones! This is good business and it’s also good business to check out Spirit Moves Studio.”

copyright 2011 Roaring Twenties Hot Jazz Dance Club

–  JULY 22 Movies at The Mt. Pleasant Pier “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Walk or ride your bike over the Copper River Bridge (pack a canteen for the trek & a picnic blanket in your backpack when you get to the park). Free movie & water, other food/drinks will be sold.

–  JULY 23 – Charleston Farmers Market - Marion Square, 8am-2pm.  FUN, GO, something for everyone.

– JULY 23,  2pm Girls Rock Charleston at the Music Farm $10 (kids < 12 free) “Raising awareness to empower both girls & women age 8 -18 so they can…ROCK!! Our 8 yr olds get electric guitars, yeh!” Goto  website for details on their summer camp @ Ashley Hall.

copyright 2011 Girls Rock Charleston

– JULY 23, Do The Charleston! Swing Dance lessons between 6-8pm, then dance until 11pm.  Charleston Swing Dance Assoc.  Hazel Parker Center at 70 East Bay St.

– JULY 23 -  7pm  Park Circle Films – “Der Rauber” (“The Robber”)  A true story of a runner who also is a bank robber.  N.Charleston

[youtube width=”450″ height=”260″][/youtube]

– JULY 23 -  HUG Party For A Purpose with 2 bands (Fish Taco & Rian Adkinson) playing at Silver Dollar Bar on Upper King St. HUG (Helping Underprivileged Grow) rallies the community to help others like Courageous Kids. Bands play from 8 -11pm and is for ages 18 & up.



July 11 – 18 Week Updates

13 Jul

Keep checking back! Updates are added for new future events/details/pics in this week, PLUS, Updates/Reviews/Pictures of this week’s past events!

Voila! Bon Vivant Bastille Day, ooh la la, Swing Swing Swing, Kiss Kiss Kiss, Bon Bon, Yum Yum, Can-Can, vis-a-vis, allez allez, and Follow as a Fan on Facebook, tell friends, buzz buzz, tweet tweet Twitter…

- JULY 11, 13, 15… Goto “Holy City Blues” Dancing Events, they are the same cool cats who Do The Charleston!

– JULY 14 starting 6:30pm Bastille Day Lecture at 164 King St Charleston Library Society: “Lafayette in America” by Alan Hoffman co-sponsored by l’Alliance Francaise de Charleston. RSVP 843-723-9912

– JULY 14 starting 5:30pm Bastille Day at Fish Restaurant! Haute Cuisine, Live French Music & Can Can Dancing, “guillotines!?!” French Costume Contest…442 King St. $35-45  (UPDATE – click HERE to see more pics at the Celebration! The secret’s out! What’s the secret? Ahh, you had to be there. Like Facebook and Follow Twitter, and Comment on this page below with your guess. Eventually, you’ll see it. Just don’t wait another year to trip the light fantastic at FISH’s Bastille Day)

© Copyright 2011 Fish Restaurant

Superbe: Frenchy Mime At Fish. © Copyright 2011

– JULY 14 – Best View Spots:  Full Orange Moon, Priceless, yet Free for all. Pray for clear skys – hey it’s the Holy City!

Charleston Super Moon & Morris Is. Lighthouse, Mar2011. (photo credit: @GVLguy Greenville, SC)

–  JULY 15 - The Palette & Palate Stroll is a creative scholarship fundraiser by the Charleston Fine Art Dealer’s Association by strolling among many fine art galleries, tasting top local chefs’ delicacies & wine. (Tickets can sell-out, $45 from 5:30-7:30) (UPDATE: AT THE STROLL: What great exercise riding bikes downtown, then strolling to Galleries gave us plenty of fresh air and healthy appetites. Sparkling water, punch, wine, tapas, bonbons, and intriguing hosts & patrons filled our people-power fuel tanks to skip to the next gallery. Wow, there were so many layers and textures bombarding ALL 5 senses! What a blend of every “medium” of art: architecture, music, paintings, sculptures, food, wine, jewelry, clothes, the human figure ;o Even the conversation was poetic – hearing that net proceeds go to scholarships was music to my ears.

The wine was fine, but always put your best foot forward...ooh la la, those shoes...wonder if anyone sipped Champagne from them...hmmm? © Copyright 2011

Everyone from around the world comes to downtown Charleston (Folly Beach calls their corner of the world, "The Edge of America." © Copyright 2011

At this level, Food is Art, so were we allowed to touch it? Yes? YEAH! Of course, photography is also art, but pictures can't convey the aromas, tastes, textures, and energy this food had. © Copyright 2011

– JULY 15 Roaring Twenties Hot Jazz and & Dance ClubLive Music – along with Stephen Duane, ”Exciting…authentic…we will stop at nothing to bring a time gone by back to reality (start with a lesson 7:30, then swing & blues dance to 11)”

copyright 2011 Roaring Twenties Hot Jazz Dance Club

–  JULY 16 – Charleston Farmers Market - Marion Square, 8am-2pm.  FUN, GO, something for everyone.

– JULY 16, Do The Charleston! Swing Dance lessons between 6-8pm, then dance until 11pm.  Charleston Swing Dance Assoc.  Hazel Parker Center at 70 East Bay St.

– JULY 16 7pm  Park Circle Films – “How To Live Forever” (New funny documentary about health & life) N.Charleston

YouTube Preview Image

– JULY 16 after 10pm Do The Charleston at the Tin Roof , 1117 Magnolia Rd, with Blair Crimmins and the Hookers, a fabulous Hot’Lanta Swing band:

YouTube Preview Image