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Charleston International Film Festival

5 Nov

2015 Charleston International Film Festival (CIFF): (1) scroll below, (2) check back for updates, (3) Like, Share, & Comment on Facebook, (4) scroll to bottom for Flash Backs to 2014 & 2013 CIFF.

Other Events Nov 2015 <– Galas, FUNdraisers, Dance, Theatre, French Films, more. (Also TOURs <– private, premium, personalized, guaranteed…so you’ll come back…we give back & pay it forward…preservation…so your kids’ kids come back).

CIFF cover– Nov 4 -8, The 8th Annual 2015 Charleston International Film Festival (CIFF): Follow the Updates here –> follow the leaders, the jet set, the movie set, VIPs, actors, filmmakers, writers, executive producers, the angels, the audience…all of us film lovers. We’ll show you how to love it, how to do it, to jump on it, to make it. Make the connection, make the film, share the story, and share the dream! Bring a friend, a lover, and/or meet new film lovers at the interactive workshops, Q&A sessions, VIP lounges, After-Parties, Awards Finale. Come watch CIFF films at the Charleston Music Hall, sit in your seats, quiet on the set…then action, and dance for joy. Do it, DoTheCharleston <– Like it, Comment, and Share it –> for HiArtFilms, for the 2015 CIFF, for the world, for ever!

CIFF Premier– Nov 4 Wed: Red Carpet Opening Night, Movie Blocks, VIP Lounge.


– Nov 5 Thur: Movie Blocks, Workshops, VIP Lounge (After-Party at Victor Social Club)


– Nov 6 Fri: Movie Blocks, Workshops, VIP Lounge (After-Party at Victor Social Club).

– 5pm: PREVIEW: “Before The Bomb,” come to screening at 5pm, starring Sterling Jerins (she’s also filmed with Owen Wilson, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton, Rob Reiner, Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman…oye!). See Trailer below. Also see Sterling’s Personal Preview Q&A (interview copyright 2015 HiArtFilms and about CIFF’s upcoming screening of “Before The Bomb.” These were the questions:

1. Tell us about your character Elsa.
2. Is this a children’s film?
3. When/where did you film (any behind the scenes trivia)?
4. If you could work in films, besides acting, what would you do?
5. How do you like Charleston?
6. What was director/writer Tannaz Hazemi like?

CIFF popcorn– 9pm: “One Second Changes Everything” PREVIEW Interview at CIFF VIP Lounge with NY actress/producer Rüya Koman: “It’s weird (ha ha) how powerful this improv film became. It’s serious domestic violence (inspired by Nicholas Kristof piece in NY Times), so you’ll see what I mean. Our acting class came together and shot the film in real time style. It was a spontaneous, supportive, encouraging, and creative shoot. Ha ha, most productions are not loose, but we wanted to improv on purpose. We have several other films at Film Festivals around the world, but Charleston and the CIFF International Film Fest is the special one we’re excited to come to, and we’ve heard so much about Charleston! Join us, have some popcorn!”


– Nov 7 Sat: Movie Blocks, Workshops, VIP Lounge (After-Party at Victor Social Club).

– 5pm: One of the Feature Films in the 5pm Block, “Girl On The Edge,” see trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

- 7pm: FREE! Indie Grants Films and Q&A about works-in-progress joint program between Charleston’s Trident Technical College and the South Carolina Film Commission

LJ filmfest2011a ad 8X11 bleed.indd– 8pm: “Luscious Lips Inspires Ladybug Tips” PREVIEW: This eye opening short film was inspired by actress (and recovered scientist), Jane May Graves, and her Vegan Lip Balm that connects the dots, sustaining nature, and sustaining our health. Their motto:“It all starts with … One Choice, One Step, One Change.” <– Let’s do it, come see the film with their Charleston Producer, Drea Bauer.

– After Party at Victor Social Club:

Filmmakers and fans of "Seth" and "The Parker Tribe"

After Party at Victor Social Club: filmmakers and fans of “Seth” and “The Parker Tribe”


ciff cover 2– Nov 8 Sun: Movie Blocks, VIP Lounge, and Awards Finale! Join CIFF’s VIP patrons & filmmakers at the Awards Gala; walk the elegant red carpet at the cocktail reception: wine & dine & dance to live music…and DoTheCharleston…we call it HiArtCuisine with catering by Tristan Events. Also enjoy a comedy show by Jeremy Mclellan and a ceremony to honor 40yr Mayor of Charleston, Joe Riley. See you tonite,  tell us who you picked to win (and also on Facebook). ciff award 2We voted 5 stars for “Before The Bomb, Texting: A Love Story, and Seth.” We voted 2nd place for “Shevenge, The Detectives of Noir Town, Shitbird, The Parker Tribe, The Answers, Fixed, Breath Bitch!, Pardon The Intrusion, En Las Nubes (In The Clouds).” Special Mention goes to “Luscious Lips Inspires Ladybug Tips, and One Second Changes Everything.” We overheard 2 theatre experts say “Wildlike” was really great.

– Annnnnnnnnd the “Juried” Winners are…wait for it… Best Actress, Sterling Jerins, “Before The Bomb.” Ha! Best Film, “Pardon The Intrusion.” Best Short Film, “The Parker Tribe.” Mazol Tov!!




2014 Charleston International Film Festival – Flash Back 2014 <– Full REVIEW (Excerpt: “… Documentary Filmmakers…Social Entrepreneurs…a Grand scale…flickering beams of fire…dark shadows…damsels in distress hung suspended in the light of the moon…best part of CIFF so far? The Q&A…”nailing the design…the collaboration was bonding.” …textured…crisp yet soothing color spectrums. Lighting hues, camera swoops …a 5-star lush story-book musical peek (no words)…apropos…cute cute yoga…back-woods daddy…the epitome of out of the box…the international language…See the film? $10. See the whole block (included in the $10). Film steals the genre? More than 5-star…priceless…”


2013 Charleston International Film Festival – Flash Back 2013 <– Full REVIEW (Excerpt: “Around the world in 5 days…magnetic…illuminating …never dream of – so foreign…penetrating…blow away any preconception…out of sight…hovering…a parallel universe…transported you…surreal…unbelievable…where there’s a world there’s a way…on top of the world…with cameo video salutes from Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola…lofty silver screen…down to earth…Q&A, workshops, after-parties, awards, and even on our sailboat. Holy Producers, Bat Man…Charleston is on a world stage…the rage around the world for years, and the world never stops turning…CIFF offers more than just Film…the underworld…shined like a star…”


2015 Fashion Week

11 Mar

– 2015 Baker Motor Company Charleston Fashion Week: (1) scroll below, (2) stay tuned & check back for all the updates, (3) Like, Share, & Comment on Facebook, (4) repeat. (Scroll to bottom for Flash Backs to 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011)

– Other Weekly/Daily Events (ongoing, including Swing Jazz & Blues Dancing Wed, Fri, Sun, & more). 

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.56.29 AM– TOURs: private, premium, personalized, satisfaction guaranteed…so you’ll come back (and we give back to preservation…so your kids and kids’ kids will come back).

-Mar 17 -21:  2015 Baker Motor Company Charleston Fashion Week: Make a fashion statement: fashion for a cause, for passion, for peace, forever! If you have a passion, Share it, and invite others to join us and make an impact now! Don’t wait on anyone else – you are the one you’ve been waiting for. We’ll show you how… and on Facebook @ HiArtFilms and HiArtPromotions and HiArtCuisine and DoTheCharleston. Let’s do it and spark Charleston and the world…

"Fashion for a Cause - Passion For Peace" Copyright 2013-2015 HiArtFilms HiArtPromotions

“Fashion for a Cause – Passion for Peace”

– Fashion Week Charity Partners – click Links on pics below:

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.09.59 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.10.27 PM

11059194_786290374787003_6400421118899650865_n– Mar 17, 2015: HiArtCuisine Diamonds & Chocolates: nice treat – nice people – nice ice. It’s hot, it’s attractive, and it’s fashion for a cause. Surprise emerging artist model, Hannah Maxey, is a diamond in the rough, but not exactly rough. She’s a naturally healthy Charleston belle. So it’s natural to be attracted to nice healthy vegan treats: berries & slave-free dark chocolate that will keep your haute cuisine taste buds bursting & body beautiful. Her body is coated with 14kt gold rings, bracelets, earings (peridot & pearls) and a neckless – all with diamond peridot. Happy Green St. Patrick’s Day! Nice Ice Fine Jewelry owner Marilyn Hoffman is a polished diamond, herself. Her big attractive heART sparkles brightly. As a community board member, she strongly supports the world class MUSC Hollings Cancer Center – sparking Charleston and the world. Like & Share our  Facebook/HiArtCuisine.


Thanks to our close friend and our Special Guest Photographer Austin Walker (leader on Fashion Week's BODs)

– 2014 Charleston Fashion Week – Flash Back <– Full REVIEW (Excerpt: “…sip Sambuca, and share stories…suave sophistication, superstardom …salvation… success…to the top…to be discovered: emerging designers, and much more…mega models, musicians, movie moguls…Children’s Hospital charity…pull your heART strings…zest for giving back…Play ball with the belle of the ball, Carolina, at Fashion Week…””

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 4.50.34 PM

Read Full ARTicle (Excerpt: “…VIP Tent…epitome of why Sponsors relish…players & creators from Charleston and the world…Jim Smith (Atlantic Coast Advisory Group)…pARTies for a purpose…engage…”

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 2.53.58 PM

Goto Full ARTicle (Excerpt: “…Style Lounge…big silver screen…top shelf cocktails…up close & personal…Fern Mallis, Founder of NY Fash Week, and spearhead in Moscow…Renaissance Women & Men.”


– 2013 Charleston Fashion Week – Flash Back:  It’s all about The Cause. Fashion For A Cause. Interviews with Tracy & Stefanie @11thGorgeous: “Epic…young & old, everybody loves coming together for a greater good” [Tears of joy, obviously]

[It's all about The Cause. Oh yeah, thanks to Fashion Week. Fashion For A Cause. Copyright 2013 interviews Tracy & Stefanie @11thGorgeous: "Epic...young & old, everybody loves coming together for a greater good" [Tears of joy, obviously]

Copyright 2013 – Interviews with Tracy & Stefanie @11thGorgeous

Designer Chelsie Andrew Ravenell's interview. Copyright 2013 by for HiArtFilms and HiArtPromotions "Fashion For A Cause"

Designer Chelsie Andrew Ravenell’s interview. Copyright 2013 by for HiArtFilms and HiArtPromotions “Fashion For A Cause”


– 2012 Charleston Fashion Week – Flash Back <– Full REVIEW (Excerpt: Guest Co-writer: Wendy Wilson, YogaBareHeart Founder, Teacher, & Fashion Designer: “…flare, fashionistas, fun …the fisheye lens of the paparazzi …designers…Chicken Turtles…Guyana South America…New York …jewels like Camille and Hilda…rockers like Mark Bryan…Special thanks to Sherrie Mills Hair Cuts: turn an everyday pauper into a Fashion Week Prince…”

Femme Fatale #1: "Ooo la la, parlez-vous français? Allez-vous à Paris Haute Couture ainsi que la Semaine de la mode Charleston? ...Femme Fatale #2: "Mais bien sûr, nous sommes à la fois incroyable! N'est-ce pas? ...Femme Fatale #1: Voila! Bon Vivant!

Femme Fatale #1: “Ooo la la, parlez-vous français? Allez-vous à Paris Haute Couture ainsi que la Semaine de la mode Charleston? …Femme Fatale #2: “Mais bien sûr, nous sommes à la fois incroyable! N’est-ce pas? …Femme Fatale #1: Voila! Bon Vivant!


– 2011 Charleston Fashion Week – Flash Back: Watch HiArtFilms concept clips <– Read Full REVIEW (Excerpt “..with Emily Hearn & Mark Bryan, Ayoka, Mother-Daughters(Jen Snyder-Maddy Parnall)…RAW Video Interviews shot by Charleston…9th grader, Chloe Teichman, in her first video shoot ever. Chloe threw her lack of credentials and caution to the wind, because Fashion Week’s wonder & spectacle bombarded all the senses and had to be investigated…she helped make a movie with a message…” 

YouTube Preview Image



ARTicles – Jan & Feb

6 Feb

– ARTicles – Jan – Feb: Scroll below for special Charleston things to do, places to go, and people to see that are sparking Charleston and the World!

– Weekly/Daily Events (ongoing, including Swing Jazz & Blues Dancing Wed, Fri, Sun, & more).

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.56.29 TOURs: private, premium, personalized, satisfaction guaranteed…so you’ll come back (and we give back to preservation…so your kids and kids’ kids will come back).


– Jan 12 – June 14 exhibition, “Fashion Flashback, 1920s-1960s: Five Decades of Style that Changed America” at The Charleston Museum. The history of women and men’s fashions starting when they were doin’ The Charleston in the Roaring 20s; thru the swinging 30s, 40s and 50s; and into the hippie 60s. Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 9.30.37 PM


Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 7.33.31 PM– Jan 15 – Feb 8 at 8pm (Sun 3pm), “Don’t Cry For Me, Margaret Mitchell,” by Charlotte writers V. Cate and Duke Ernsberger. REVIEW: Run (don’t fumble or pass) downtown to Threshold Theatre to score the last tickets. This live play acts out the real life of writers & producers. It’s a business, but it’s nuts, it’s bananas, and it’s the game of life. They pop pills, pop blood vessels, dare to dunk donuts, then fall asleep on the job. The fast action dives into the huddle of the play-by-play, minute-by-minute, last minute, come-from-behind, behind the screens, writing of the screenplay for the sliver screen’s “Gone With The Wind.” Margaret Mitchell’s book is played-out by the formidable actor Brendan Kelly along side fun actors Jay Danner, Nat Jones, and Sarah Coe. While portraying Scarlett and Mammy, the teammates go in the trenches, block & tackle, tie up, cut loose, and make up plays off-the-cuff. Cufflink and costume designer, Kristen Bushey, shows-off her jazzy flair. Mike Kordek brings in his multitalented leadership and set design. Versatile veteran, Robin Burke, directs and coaches another winner to standing ovations. Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 7.03.46 PM
Jan 23 – Feb14 at 7:30pm (some 3pm), Pure Theatre’s “Glengarry Glen Ross,” the Pulitzer Prize drama by David Mamet, is about a real estate sales force scamming for sales leads to close the deal, to win the Cadillac, to keep their jobs, and to save their lives. REVIEW: This is must-see acting for the purest of enthusiasts. You’ll walk away wanting more from Pure’s core ensemble and director Erin Wilson. It’s hard to steal the show with so many star performances – even the actors with fewer lines focused and filled out the frame with their powerful posturing. Pure Theatre gets you close-up to the penetrating actors with their deep, cutting, razor sharp dialogue that slashes back and forth. Fighting to win and desperate to survive at all costs, the scary acting is so true, it makes the story line too real-world. I was squirming, “get me out of this kind of world,” and then, “get me more of this kind of theatre.” (Note, join us below at Pure Theatre’s FUNdraiser on Feb 8, “The Pure Experience”) glengarry-glen-ross-pure-theatre-1080
– Jan 29 from 6 – 9:30pm, “Dare to Dream” Gala Dance Scholarship Benefit for the Community Education Foundation of the Charleston Dance Institute. Dinner, Silent Auction, plus “a Bob Fosse inspired Charleston Broadway Dance Ensemble performance of “Gotta Dance!” At the Woolfe Street Playhouse. Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 7.28.01 PM


– Jan 31…ongoing, Photo Doggies for Anthony. <– Cute & sweet, go see or post your cute doggie pics/videos to cheer up Anthony and millions of others. YouTube Preview Image


– Feb 6 at 7pm inside Memminger Auditorium: Spoleto Festival USA’s Preseason Gala Fundraiser. “A Night at the Charleston Club,” is a Roaring-20s pARTy for a purpose. Join us and Do The Charleston with the Joe Clarke Big Band, wine and dine, and bid on silent and live auction items. Also, the online auction runs thru Feb. 9.

"Opening Night Fête"


– Feb 7 from 10am – 3pm, Charleston STEM Festival is a high profile engaging celebration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) for K-12 students and their families, teachers, and leaders. It will “feature ~50 exhibitors who will provide hands-on activities, live performances, interactive demonstrations, and entertainment.” It is outdoors at Brittlebank Park downtown. Remember to go ask for more STEAM (adding A for Arts). STEAM powers more creativity! Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 11.15.23 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.09.47 PM– Feb 8
from 1- 5pm, Second Sundays on King Street (south of Calhoun Street down to Queen St – the cars are blocked off). Free promenade for pedestrians: it’s safe to walk and enjoy fresh air; meet & greet locals and visitors; hear street musicians; shop; wine & dine al fresco at the pop-up sidewalk cafés, and more!

pure-experience-party-2015 b– Feb 8
from 3 – 6:30pm,  “The Pure Experience” FUNdraisier pARTy for a purpose for Pure Theatre on King St. Wine & Dine with catering from Oak, Indaco, O-ku, and special chef, Macintosh’s Jeremiah Bacon (James Beard nominee). See David Boatwright’s band Minimum Wage; a cabaret show by Laura Ball & Friends; a short play by PURE’s Playwright in Residence, David Lee Nelson; and join in Scene Karaoke with PURE’ actors. The Live Auction includes a role in PURE’s play “Marie Antoinette.” (Note above, our REVIEW of their play “Glengarry Glen Ross” running thru Feb 14)


– Feb 13 – 15, The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) is the largest pARTy for a purpose of it’s kind in the US. About 40,000 nature loving pARTy animals will come to Charleston to be immersed in nature & wildlife preservation, fine art, conservation education, sporting demos, wining & dining, and more. Come see 500 international artists, exhibitors, and wildlife professionals; enjoy the edutainment; and learn more to protect nature for us, our kids, and our kids’ kids.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.44.52 AM


– Feb 14  Happy Valentines Day! Kiss someone you love!Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 6.05.49 PM

– Feb 17  Happy Mardi Gras! The Voodoo Tiki Bar always has great food, bands, and dancing (although expect New Orleans jazz instead of Gino Castillo’s Cuban Jazz Band in our HiArtFilms below). YouTube Preview Image


– Feb 19 – 28 at 7:30pm, “Thrill Me: The Leopold and Loeb Story” by What If Productions is a musical, but expect the unexpected at Threshold Theatre. Directed by Charleston’s groundbreaking Kyle Barnette (search our great past REVIEWs!), this famous true story is about “thrill killers” in the Roaring 20s who dare to “lure a young boy to his death just to prove they could get away with it…But was it so careless?” Drama Desk nominee for Best Musical and Best Score. REVIEW: Wow, what an ending, what a set up! The stage was set with cold shades of gray: cold lovers, murdering in cold blood, with cold coal eyes, cold ghostly skin, and cold comic relief. The eeriness was chilling while subversively warm, too. Warm vocal chords and warm piano chords floated the memories of the manipulated melodrama. The musical had a melancholy melody that never missed a beat (praise to pianist, Kevin Thorn). The sultry singers fueled the flames of fire & brimstone and singed the passions of desire & deceit. The dirty devils (starring Brian Porter & Brannen Daugherty) raised hell as hot shots wielding cold crow bars and cold prison bars. (The bar was raised high again by challenging director Kyle Barnette and the crew of What If? Productions). The Nietzche supermen flew high with their hot heads in the clouds and their cold noses in the air, then crashed & burned through the dust & death down in a drainpipe ditch. As it dripped back in time, behind the crime scenes, behind the headlines, and behind the veils of the master minds…the cold love story unfolded…what a hot ending. Get Tickets (hurry, limited discount code “CHICAGO”)