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2014 Fashion Week!

18 Mar

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– Mar 18 – 22, 2014, It’s Charleston Fashion Week! (Daily Updates farther below) Sit & stay, sip Sambuca, and share stories: sights & sounds, slender styles, short skirts, sexy stilettos, sultry salsa, shocking shenanigans, suave sophistication, superstardom & sadness, sanctuary & salvation, and sweet sweaty success! Plenty of blood, sweat, and tears to go around, to scratch your way to the top, to make it to Fashion Week, to discover & be discovered: emerging designers, and much more…mega models, musicians, movie moguls… HiArtFilms  and HiArtPromotions bring DoTheCharleston.com‘s “Fashion for a Cause” to you, Charleston, and the world.

–  FASHION  WEEK  Charity Partners (DoThe Charleston.com focuses on “Fashion For A Cause,” click on pics below for links):

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.11.40 AM Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.12.40 AM

Mar 22: The Finale delivered what we all came for, Fashion For A Cause. The VIP Tent and the Style Lounge were the epitome of why Sponsors relish to host Fash Week’s elite pillars (and emerging) players and creators from Charleston and the world. David Leonard & Jim Smith (Atlantic Coast Advisory Group) and many other sponsors successfully collaborated to spearhead the pARTies for a purpose covered in our ARTicles (let us know if you want to see the documentary). Our HiArtFilms is following up with these and many more movers & shakers – all of our common goals are to engage, solidify, and make plans to see new and old friends and business fostered at Fash Week. Stay tuned as we update how the follow-ups go (especially our HiArtPromotions diamond jewelry, as we search for designer brand names to go around the world). Net proceeds to benefit your causes, of course.  Pic 1: Step up to the plate and hit a home-run, from start to finish(photographer Konate’ Hendricks).  Pic 2: Fashion Week’s Music Director every year, DJ Arthur Bros., styles the tunes & tracks to transform a front row or last row seat to view an eye-popping runway show into a toe-tapping dance party that grooves every seat in the house!  Pic 3: Tess models this year’s men’s line, OberimaAfriyie, from last year’s Emerging Designer winner, Alfriyie Poku. The VIP Tent insured access to squeeze in models & designers for very personable interviews without stepping on anyone’s toes. Mamie Ruth by Emily Bargeron and MLiz Designs by Mary Liz Pulk were excited to talk about fashion for a cause and giving back with our HiArtPromotions(photo Konate’ Hendricks).  Pic 4: The last after parties, the last interview shoots, and the last hurrahs…but not the last time we kick up our heels with designers Julie Wheat(Cavortress), and Alfriyie. We Do The Charleston everyday and night – join us! Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 3.30.56 AM

Mar 21: Pic 1: Styling in the Style Lounge, luxury under the big top, with the big silver screen, and the big top shelf spirits & fine wines (he best in SC – Sponsor James Farra, Ben Arnold Beverage (a major charity sponsor, too). Pic 2: More than excited to learn up close & personal from Charleston Fash Week big top Judge, Fern Mallis, Founder of NY Fash Week, spearhead in LA, Moscow, Berlin! Pic 3: Father & Daughter (Peter & model Alyson Antinopoulos) and many more new friends working at CFW. Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 2.53.58 PM

Mar 20: Welcome to the premier of our guest spokesmodel, Taylor Louise, co-writing with us:“Another night to meet & greet so many movers & shakers with incredible ambition, drive, and of course, fabulous flair for fashion! Pics 1,2,3: One of our faves is gorgeous, from India, and reinventing herself in Charleston: Sheuli McKee empowers women to tap into their ever-present inner source and to project out as beautiful and confident. She’ll soon debut her inspirational new blog, “Reinventing Rani,” creating beauty out of the classics. This is a vintage fashionista to watch out for…and wait for…Mary Norton (Charleston’s national iconic designer) shared the limelight as always, and then we got our hands on her! Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 4.15.54 PMThe Baker Motors crew sure brings a good time to the VIP Tent! Explaining their motor car styles, their work styles, and their animal styles…the sharks, the koalas, the Lion King(guess who)…you get the picture (or ask if you need us to paint a picture for you – finger paint will do). This wolfpack has personality coming out the ears (along with a few wild hairs)! We told you the fashion was all over the map. Join us, we’ll navigate you through it all with a Baker Motors GPS. Pic 4: In the top VIP tent with one of the top VIP hosts, Jim Smith, with Atlantic Coast Advisory Group. Pic 5: Luscious textures, contrasts, and sophistication with a punch…a real knockout on the real runway. Pic 6: Oh, the interviewing never gets old with the young (established yet always reinventing) model, designer, and Charleston socialite, Chelsie Ravenell. Rising model, Madison Slate, also shared her dreams, and we can’t wait to paint that picture for you (after we wine & dine at Halls Chophouse.”Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 4.50.34 PM

Mar 19: Golden Girls & Boys: we picked some real gems to showcase in our ARTicles (show us, if you want to see our HiArtFilms). Need to wet your appetite? See our sneak peaks & pics below. Pic 1: Our Spokesmodel, Taylor Louise, in the limelight wearing Fashion Weeks newest “Barbara Graham Hattitudes” – both are world class. Pic 2: Head-turners can show off their smiles – and – hide their eyes for that mysterious allure. Pic 3: Daniel D steals the show every year! Pic 4: Wait till you hear Taylor’s reports on the latest fashion trends in Charleston – and – around the world… Pic 5: Wait till you hear who’s the next star Spokesmodel and the next star Designer Pic 6: And the stars line up for us, one by one, like the next star Runway Supermodel <– come find out who’s who at Fashion Week, or check here for more Updates.


14 Daniel D14 runway 2


Thanks to our close friend and our  Special Guest Photographer Austin Walker (leader on Fashion Week's BODs)

Thanks to our close friend and our Special Guest Photographer Austin Walker (leader on Fashion Week’s BODs)

– Mar 18: It started…with a home run. Just step up to the plate, and…pop! Carolina Gribble Bryan pops up. Of course she’s at Charleston Fashion Week, bidding at MUSC Children’s Hospital charity auction, “and the bidding went up, up, and away! Yay!” Just step up to plate, and Carolina will touch your heART, pull your heART strings, and lead you to the promised land. Not just to fundraisers, but to the dance floor, to pARTies for a purpose, to fashions for a cause…today, tomorrow…it’s an everyday way of life. “We’re always looking at our calendar so we can give back…and travel around the world!” Bon voyage and bon vivant! She’s got “it,” she’s an “it” girl. Everyone can aspire to emulate her zest for life…her zest for giving back. I hear it from her friends, “I want to live like Carolina.” You all can, just join us. Just step up to the plate. Play ball with the belle of the ball, Carolina, at Charleston Fashion Week. Beautiful, inside & out, n’est pas?


Thanks to close friend and our Special Guest Photographer Austin Walker (leader on Fashion Week’s BODs)



– 2013 Charleston Fashion Week  –  Flash Back:

[It's all about The Cause. Oh yeah, thanks to Fashion Week. Fashion For A Cause. Copyright 2013 DoTheCharleston.com interviews Tracy & Stefanie @11thGorgeous: "Epic...young & old, everybody loves coming together for a greater good" [Tears of joy, obviously]

[It’s all about The Cause. Oh yeah, thanks to Fashion Week. Fashion For A Cause. Copyright 2013 DoTheCharleston.com interviews Tracy & Stefanie @11thGorgeous: “Epic…young & old, everybody loves coming together for a greater good” [Tears of joy, obviously]



2012 Charleston Fashion Week – Flash Back <– Read Full REVIEW (Excerpt: Guest Co-writer: Wendy Wilson, YogaBareHeart Founder, Teacher, & Fashion Designer: “…flare, fashionistas, fun …the fisheye lens of the paparazzi designers…Chicken Turtles…Guyana South America…New York …jewels like Camille and Hilda…rockers like Mark Bryan…Special thanks to Sherrie Mills Hair Cuts: turn an everyday pauper into a Fashion Week Prince

Femme Fatale #1: "Ooo la la, parlez-vous français? Allez-vous à Paris Haute Couture ainsi que la Semaine de la mode Charleston? ...Femme Fatale #2: "Mais bien sûr, nous sommes à la fois incroyable! N'est-ce pas? ...Femme Fatale #1: Voila! Bon Vivant!

Femme Fatale #1: “Ooo la la, parlez-vous français? Allez-vous à Paris Haute Couture ainsi que la Semaine de la mode Charleston? …Femme Fatale #2: “Mais bien sûr, nous sommes à la fois incroyable! N’est-ce pas? …Femme Fatale #1: Voila! Bon Vivant!



– 2011 Fashion Week – Flash Back: Watch HiArtFilms concept clips <– Read Full REVIEW (Excerpt “..with Emily Hearn & Mark Bryan, Ayoka, Mother-Daughters(Jen Snyder-Maddy Parnall)…RAW Video Interviews shot by Charleston…9th grader, Chloe Teichman, in her first video shoot ever. Chloe threw her lack of credentials and caution to the wind, because Fashion Week’s wonder & spectacle bombarded all the senses and had to be investigated…she helped make a movie with a message…”

ARTicles – March

3 Feb

– March – scroll below

– April – Click here

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Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.56.29 AM

–  Mar 6 – 9, 2014  BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival® – World Class, of course! (Their Culinary Community Non-Profit Partner: GrowFood Carolina!  The Festival raises hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for various nonprofits they help support). Click here for Tickets

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 8.42.05 PM

–  Mar 13-17, 2014  The 4th Annual Charleston Film FestivalScreen Shot 2014-03-12 at 2.50.34 PM

– Mar 15,  7:30  Luis Machicao Fashion Show <–  Tickets will sell out.  This is a Benefit for Communities In Schools.  Luis Machicao is launching his Spring and Summer 2014 designs at this show (with Ice Box Bar). He was Awarded Best Designer at Paris Fashion Week.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 11.52.12 AM

–  Mar 18 – 22  Baker Motor Company Charleston Fashion Week <– All Updates, details, & Links 

Fash Week: Carolina Gribble Bryan, Beautiful, inside & out, n'est pas?

Fash Week Carolina Gribble Bryan, Beautiful, n’est pas?

– Mar 20 – 23, 2014 Charleston Antiques Show – Historic Charleston Foundation. A Decorative ARTs showcase of American & European antiques, including vintage jewelry, 17th – 20th century. Come for the unique Edutainement and also shop.

YouTube Preview Image

– Mar 23, 10am – 4pmKidsFair at Burke High School downtown – $1. The 26th year…10,000 – 12,000 kids/parents…largest downtown 1 day event in Charleston…~100 non-Profits, sponsors, and interactive booths…”Edutainment”…engage & empower & enrich…broaden horizons…healthy food…bike or walk to there! Watch Video. If you would like to sponsor, contact me. Also Like & Share the  KidsFair Facebook


– May 29, 7pm – 10pm, only $5.  The 2014 Oscar-Nominated Shorts Festival at Park  Circle Films in N.Charleston (843) 628-5534

[youtube width=”275″ height=”170″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t_ff5PlZ1M[/youtube]

–  May 29 – Apr 6  Family Circle Cup TENNIS (Past Review: 2011″Best Tennis Town” USTA  Award. Plus, “Tennis in the City,”  outreach clinic for urban youth with Venus & Serena Williams – fostering urban tennis for a lifetime.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_4vML1hjjw#t=81">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_4vML1hjjw#t=81/0.jpg" alt="YouTube Preview Image" />  




HiArtFilms “Kookoo at the Voodoo”

31 Jan

YouTube Preview Image




“Kookoo at the Voodoo”

Showcasing Gino Castillo’s Cuban Jazz Band (Dancing at the Voodoo Tiki Bar in Charleston, SC)

Merrick Teichman – Writer, Producer, Director
Stephen Massar – Cinematographer
Brad Cooper – 2nd Camera, Sound Engineer, Editor

Gino Castillo’s Cuban Jazz Band:
Gino Castillo percussion, vocals
Trey Cooper piano
William Moore upright
Zandrina Dunning back vocals, percussion
Alan Schmitt cuban tres
Chuck Dalton trumpet
Zac Taylor trombon
Michael Quinn sax, shekere

La Quinn – Salsa Dance Instructor
Abigail Marie – Special Guest Dancer

Voodoo Tiki Bar & Lounge, Charleston, SC

DoTheCharleston.comHiArtFilms and Merrick Teichman copyright 2013 2014

ARTicles: Jan – Feb

17 Jan

Win Free Tours at our Facebook(s) <– Like & Share!!  “DoTheCharleston.com Tours” cultural, ARTsy, personalized for you. 5 star Service day or night. Call last minute – better to reserve in advance. Mark Jones – the Most Knowledgeable, Experienced, Licensed Full Time Guide, & Prolific Author (Mark Jones wrote “Doin’ The Charleston”). Details, numbers to Call, Text, Rates. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 10.56.29 AM

Jan 14 “The Art & Heart of Philanthropy” at the 5 star Sanctuary at Kiawah (Missed it? Then support DoTheCharleston.com to far better Preview, REVIEW (stay tuned), and fuel our HiArtFilms to broadcast & fire-up all walks of life to join with your Arts, your Hearts, and your Philanthropy – today, tomorrow, and forever!


– Jan 31, 7pm,  Spoleto Festival USA’s Gala & Auction. World Class Party for a Purpose! Come join us on the dance floor with Cuban Salsa dancing to cuban jazz artist Gino Castillo and the Charleston Jazz Collective. Get in on the action during the live auction – bid on unmissable events, exclusive dinners, travel tours around the world, more. Join us at the beautifully restored Memminger Auditorium. (Click here for an extra wonderful online auction) $1500 tables or $150 Tickets –> SpoletoUSA.org or (843) 579-3100YouTube Preview Image

(Glimpse Gino Castillo’s Cuban Jazz Band on DoTheCharleston.com HiArtFilms dance music  video, “Kookoo at the Voodoo” at the Voodoo Tiki Lounge in Charleston)Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 2.57.58 PM

– Feb 1, 7pm, Charleston Music Hall’s Anniversary Benefit for The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art – The concert by Charleston’s nationally acclaimed mix of musicians is fitting to honor the Halsey’s 30th Anniversary (on Groundhog Day)! The exclusive and rare combination of headline musicians include Bill Carson, Charlton Singleton, Ron Wiltrout, and many more! VIPs’ get an after-party cast-party with the musician. Tickets $15 to $50VIPs.  Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.17.51 PM


– Feb 14 – 16   SEWE – South Eastern Wildlife Exposition – Party Animals pARTy for a purpose!Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 12.50.09 PM


ARTicles: Oct – Nov 2013

12 Nov

– Oct 24 – Nov 17, Thu Fri Sat 8pm, Sun Matinee “Fiddler On The Roof” Threshold Repertory Theatre – Tickets.

"Fiddler On The Roof" photo credit & copyright - Mystic Productions"

“Fiddler On The Roof” photo credit & copyright – Mystic Productions”

REVIEW“Fiddler Play, Is A Toast To Life (for all ages): Congratulations, Mazel Tov(“To Life, L’chaim…like Solomon-the-wiseman…if I were a rich man…I’d CROSS a RABBI’S EYYYESSS”). Like the “Fiddler On The Roof”(pulling our heart strings, Darbie Keck); the three sisters(touching our hearts, Andrea Krider, Christina Leidel, & Sarah Callahan); the wife’s love after 25 years(a heart of gold, Pamela Galle); the Red Party’s pauper(a powerful heart, Brendan Kelly); the Russian Soloist(steals your heart, Dru Ryan); and the poor tailor(giving his heart, Robert Culbreth Jr) — we all “deserve some happiness”(some tears of joy); and some tickets(before it sells out). Come see what the multitalented star, Stan Gill(Tevya the tough father & unsung hero) most of all prays for(produces, directs, & acts for). TRADITION (finger pointing to the ONE above). Their peasants’ play “balances on a roof top without breaking their neck; in a little corner of the world”(a closed-minded Russian shtetl); dreaming of the holy land(dreaming of Jerusalem); in an off off far-off Broadway black-box beauty(Threshold Repertory Theatre); in a block near the oldest ongoing Synagogue in the US(since 1749, take a tour); in downtown Charleston(the Paris of the United States)…”Right? Of course right.” Ha ha ha. Don’t just laugh at this review; go laugh at the matchmaker(Kathy Summer); laugh at Lazar Wolf the butcher(Robin Burke); and laugh at Charleston’s surprise Halloween zombies (oops…surprissse). From the made-from scratch Russian costumes(Lana Pasko & GrayMorris); to the kick-up-their-heels hootch(wvodka); to the maestro’s(Inga Agrest) fiddler & live band; to the backbone of the villagers’ ensemble (including Stan’s protégé, Eden Teichman). This play is one-for-all and all-for-one. “Fiddler On The Roof” lovers will love this; new-comers will come to this; spread-out families will gather for this; world class jet-setters will settle down for this; and Condé Nast Traveler’s readers who picked Charleston #1 in US – they should read this review). Right? Of course right.

Pic from The Red Party. Copyright DoTheCharleston.com

Pic from The Red Party. Copyright DoTheCharleston.com


– Oct 25, 7- 11pm  The 5th Annual RED PARTY benefiting The American College of the Building Arts! The Old City Jail will be…wait for it…GORGEOUS (unique ambiance, red people, the Great Gatsby, the College. the swing jazz bands & dancing (check their video) – OYE!  Online Tickets, $70, $90 at the door – tit’s worth it! Go viral on their Facebook.


HCBX 4Logo Banner


– Nov 7-10 The 4th Annual Holy City Blues Dance XCHG Festival. Four days -and- nights of the coolest high art blues dancing that Charleston hasn’t seen since the golden age of jazz & blues. Nine Dances with Live Bands & DJs from around the US (and great local ones, too). This throwback to nostalgic blues brings great dancers from across the region, the east coast, some nationally, and of course our great Charleston dancers. The venues rotate each dance around historic downtown Charleston. Join the Facebook Events and invite your coolest friends!


– Nov 13, HAPPY NATIONAL PHILANTHROPY DAY! Come and lunch with the Association of Fundraising Professionals SC Lowcountry Chapter  and schmooze with trendsetters! Trident Technical College, Complex for Economic Development, 7000 Rivers Ave. Tickets $45

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 7.26.12 PM


– Nov 13  Wild Women Party – whoa – Annual Benefit for women’s critical services for abused children and their families at The Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center (DNLCC). Hair styling by Article 5; makeup makeovers by Pink Dot; fashion by Hampden Clothing; and Wine & Food by Charleston Grill’s Michelle Weaver. At The Spa at Charleston Place. $100 tickets. REVIEW: “Fashionistas Benefit DNLCC:” The Spa at Charleston Place provided an elegant setting, libations, and scrumptious hors d’oeuvres for the Wild Women Blue Party fundraiser for The Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 10.58.43 AMCenter (DNLCC). It was an event not to be missed! Beautiful, savvy, empathetic women, dressed in cobalt blue, toasted Veuve Cliqot Champagne (ooh la la), socialized, and donated their dollars for a well deserved non-profit, like DNLCC. A captivated audience learned the severity of child abuse, not only here in Charleston, but world wide. Elizabeth Cole, DNLCC’s Development Associate, perfected their message, “DNLCC provides assessment, treatment, and support services for children and their families where there is a concern of abuse. The Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center’s mission is to keep children safe from abuse, and when abuse occurs, to work with our community to bring healing to these children and their families. It costs approximately $1,400 to provide services for one child at DNLCC.” The soirée continued on a lighthearted theme with a fashion show drawing the audiences attention to wonderful clothes, current hair trends, and secrets to applying make up. Again, special thanks to all the outstanding organizers for attracting all the fashionistas for the well needed Benefit for DNLCC. Everyone, don’t miss any upcoming events for DNLCC! <– Review by DoTheCharleston.com Guest Writers, Wendy Wilson & Erin McCarrick (Editor’s Note: We attracted Wendy and Erin from Rochester, NY, to come party with a purpose with us, and to write with us, so DoTheCharleston.com can attract more birds of a feather to flock together in Charleston, Rochester, and around the world. Success!) 


– Nov 15, 7-11pm, Meminger Auditorium, 2013 Giving Back Awards: Charitable Organizations and individuals are celebrated for their above & beyond leadership & giving in 2013. Spotlighting their exciting achievements with awards – we get to see the gleam in their eyes & the sparks that ignited their inspiring stories and Tikkun Olam!. The audience always gets tears in their eyes – tears of joy – as they watch and vote/text to pick the Nonprofit of the Year. Live Music, Dancing, Open bar, Cru Catering. Presented by TD Bank, and produced by Charleston Magazine with the Coastal Community Foundation. Tickets $75ea or 2 for $130; VIP $95ea or 2 for $160.Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 5.20.43 PM

REVIEW: “Philanthropy WEEK Was Pretty…”:

– Pretty smart, comprehensive, overwhelming, convenient, easy, and simple.
– Pretty friendly, happy, fun, jovial, positive, and inspiring.
– Pretty engaging, helpful, educational, healthy, sustainable, green, enriching, and empowering.
– Pretty galas, venues, hotels, swimming pools, and cars.
– Pretty classy, trendy, cobalt blue, and fashionable.
– Pretty smiles, teeth, tears of joy, wide eyed, and bushy tailed.
– Pretty bandwagon, band, singer, saxophonist, DoTheCharleston dancers, food, and bubbly French champaign – ooh la la. 
– Pretty successful strategy, marketing, Charleston Magazine, videographers, social media, sweet press pass givers, Charleston writers, and Rochester/Africa/international guest writers.
– Pretty wingmen/women, schmoozers, networkers, SC-Israel-Seattle collaborators, hosts, menschs, and social entrepreneurs. 
– Pretty friends, singles, matchmakers, dates, spouses, significant others, and partners.
– Pretty heroes, angels, wise men/women, visionaries, early adopters, leaders, philanthropists, donors, benefactors, government grants, banking & corporate sponsors, and more menschs, and award winners.
– Pretty unsung heroes, foundations, listeners, relationship builders, non-profits, Exec. Directors, teachers, team leaders, teams, grass roots, emerging under & above the radar creatives, even more menschs, & award winners.
– Pretty beneficiaries, courageous kids, courageous adults, courageous underprivileged, retirees, dogs, horses, and knights on white horses coming to the rescue.
– Pretty good momentum , windows of opportunities, growth, goals, progress, low hanging fruit, harvest, seeds, untapped potential, niches, good solutions, good green jobs, prospects, big snowballs building & rolling down hill, coattails to ride, and a pretty good time to join us.
– pretty hopeful, lofty dreams come true, slam dunks, and Hail Marys.

– If you’ve read this far, you’re pretty smart, motivated, innovative, clever, openminded, out of the box, and thirsty to collaborate on all of the above. Quick to share on your Facebook, and bring some friends to join us (from Charleston, Rochester, and you know, from around the world). You’re part of our week, in our fold, all for one, and one for all. You as a person are a real mensch. Congratulations, Bravo, Mazol Tov, and Tikkun Olam.


– Nov 15 – 16  barcamp5 “fUNconference.”  Get it? Avant Garde Creatives, Techies, Hams, and well, fUNofthose. Get it? Friday 6 – 8pm Welcome Party  301B King. Saturday 7am – 6pm at College of Charleston – Presentations, Q&A, performances, demos, arts, schmoozing, etc. It will be what it will be, whatever the attendees decide it to be, ad-hoc. Oh, and lots of open sharing of fUNsecrets…now you get it? Broaden your horizons and play ball – make some slam dunks & Hail Marys – in a fUNlinear fUNway. Ahh-hah, oh wow, now you get it! After Party 6-10pm at Mynt.


– Nov 16, 4 – 11pm, Jail Break. Avant-garde local world class artists that can’t be describe in words – a cornucopia of food and a feast for the eyes & ears – live music, dancers, painters, artisans, theater, comedy…Oh there’s more, and it’s cool, way cool, at the Old City Jail, home of ACBA (American College of the Building Arts). Presented by Entropy Arts, ACBA, and Ear For Music. Tickets $15-20.


– Nov 19, 2-6pm, Perfect Pitch at the American Theater . Five finalists will pitch their innovations to “experts businessmen” with the Presenting Sponsor SCRA. They pick the two best finalists, sponsor them with $2500 and extra free consulting. Angel Investors (will also be in audience). Finalists are maybe social entrepreneurs. Angel Investors are, well, angels. They are godsends sent to help (invest) in mere mortals on earth. Creatives are, well, creative. Creatives are mere mortals, but they live up in the clouds. Both are passionate & hopeful to find common ground. A creative wants to feed a deal to an angel. Angels are definitely hungry, but unsure if they’ll like the taste of the creative’s deal. Both are open minded because, well, they both want to pick each other’s brains. Both have high-risk & high-return excitement, and the courage to go where no man/women has gone before. To seek out new ventures… You can go along on their journey. All the creatives could hit it big now or later with angels. And anyone who falls on their face at least is intelligent and mature enough to learn from any mistakes.unnamed


– Nov 20 at 6pm, Distinguished Lecture Series by the Gibbs Museum with outstanding guest of honor Leonard Lauder of the Estée Lauder haute couture, you know Crème de la Mar (how about some swag!). Seriously, this will be the classiest lecture by a world leading benefactor of the arts!  Oh, he gave his incredible collection of Picasso and Braque paintings and more  to the Whitney Museum of American, beyond incredible. That’s where he has been the Chairman of the BOD, and a steadfast anchor. Well, its SOLD OUT, it’s at Memminger Auditorium. READ REVIEW!


– Nov 23, 8-midnite, The Alley’s 1st Anniversary Party “Studio300.”  The wildest first hand history lesson in Disco Fever. Hmm, you came to Charleston because it’s living history, right? Come live the clubbing, posing, dancing, a premium open bar, and…well, bowling. Featuring flashy performances, DJ Nate NattyHeavy Lopes, and disco balls (and balls of fire maybe?). You’re strongly encouraged to dress in the stylish 70’s (expect more than a few Hams – their wish has finally come true – disco is coming back – oye, punch to the gut). Benefit for Be A Mentor (BAM) non-profit. Tweet @TheAlleyChas & #Studio300. Follow their Facebook. Address & Tickets at Links above.1391798_443072152469851_1288433182_n

1400171_464490183661381_1441449120_o1410716_464490140328052_242928694_oScreen Shot 2014-05-15 at 3.21.44 PM

ARTicles – Apr 2013

12 Apr

– Apr 5 – 27  “The Liar”  Check times/tickets at The Woolfe Street Playhouse  REVIEW“The Liar” – We like your spiel!  You know Charleston’s called the Paris of the United States. Répéter (repeat) and répéter (rehearse). Lucky for us, practice makes perfect at our new neighborhood cabaret at The Woolfe St Playhouse off King St. “The Liar” takes us to 17th century Paris without having to take a time machine – no lie – they come to Charleston. The chateau is majestic, the costumes are chichi, and the hair styles are wiggy (credit all the crew). Now then, we got the liar, and there’s also the joker, the posers, the prude, the wench, Fifi, and oh brother where art thou. The dastardly duels start with seeeex, lies, & video tape, strike that, just lies, lots of lies; then kfetching; then the famous bend & snap snap snap; saber rattling; sword fighting; and you’ll have to go find out the rest. Of course, there’s plenty of damsels with nice tieee eyes. Also, there’s gallantry, chivalry, poetry, jocularity, and a nod to the hood and outer space. Wise of you to read this far – the best parts are the actors’ witty repertoire (iambic pentameter), prancing, & bromancing: “what verbal diarrhea, oh I got an idea…want a squeeze? Wouldn’t mind one, where do I find one…Isabelle, visible, miserable…my feelings are profounder, I’d rather wed a flounder…une zo on…like my spiel?” Lordy, there’s even yiddish. The best is the big faaa the big liar (read his bio), shirley you jest, no not Shirley (Robbie Thomas). The jester (Young Stowe) is a spunky bundle of joy. Be on the lookout for Matthias Burrell, he takes a walk on the wild side. Cristy Landis directs all the gaiety and the rest of the actors share in the love, too (Laurens Wilson, Charley Boyd, McKenna Dubose, Haydn Haring, and Kurt Sauer). Also, read Cristy’s playbill notes on the writer, David Ives, and the adaptation from the comedy by Pierre Corneille.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 10.27.37 AM

 – April is Jazz Appreciation Month

Interview at Jenkins Institute

Embracing Jazz at Jenkins Institute

– Apr 13, Roots of Jazz – Celebrating Jazz Legends, Past & Present: Honor Visionary Rev Daniel Jenkins, Founder of Jenkins Orphanage & inventor of Jazz & first to Do The Charleston; See Charlton Singleton play trumpet; as well as meet current (last 10 yrs to today, Apr2013) Board Members Glen/12yrs & Chairman Hank Tisdale/13ys; and 7yr Exec Dir. Joanna Martin Carrington. Stay tuned for our music videos & documentary/interviews (we need your support, like, share, donate)


–  Apr 19-21, 2013  East Coast Canoe & Kayak FestivalThe highlight of Charleston’s world class diverse year-round kayaking. Get wet, dry-off, and then go see The Reel Paddling Film Festival international tour: hairy whitewater & sea kayaking, canoeing, SUP, & fishing; and inspiring lifestyles, environmental documentaries, and the hilarious side of paddling.

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 – Apr 18-21  Charleston Race Week – the largest sailboat racing event in America.

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Apr 20, Charleston Earth Day Festival

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– Apr 22, Happy Earth Day 2013 – 1 Billion People around the world come together to make an impact now and further the action started by the first Earth Day in 1970 (when 20 million Americans began modern environmentalism).


– April 24 – 28, 2013  Charleston International Film Festival Click for REVIEW:  “Score! Around the world in 5 days at CIFF!” …films were more than intriguing…Chris Brigham is in the Holy City. He worked on “Argo”(Academy Award Winner); and Shutter Island (with actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Ruby Jerins :)…more than just Film (back from the underworld, we joined with Charlie Chaplin to Do The Charleston…

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– Apr 27,  SC Aquarium’s 6th Environmental Stewardship Awards. This year’s Award goes to billionaire philanthropist & activist, Ted Turner, “A healthy planet is the most important gift we can give to our children and grandchildren.” The $300/person fundraiser will have awards, cocktails, dinner, & performances in the “edutaining” SC Aquarium, downtown Charleston. 6pm – 11pm. Tickets & sponsorships, call Tanya 843-579-8540.

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– Apr 25, 26, 27 Holy City Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” – traditional, yet adapted and contemporary. Gage Hall at 4 Archdale. REVIEW Hamlet, can’t stop talking about Hamlet:” Craig Trow was more than the leading role and Prince of Denmark, he owned the Theater. He commanded everyone’s attention. He lit-up the stage without needing a spotlight. He was even brilliant while dark & brooding. He was on fire and his flames engulfed his fellow actors and fired them up. Then their spitfire witty lines shot out and Hamlet shot back twice as fast. The best part is the audience gets to go toe to toe with Hamlet. But don’t tip toe over – run down to see Hamlet’s last shows.

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– Apr 27 Jail Break at The Old City Jail – The coolest creative venue that’s also historical, creepy, and…well, solid (thanks to The American College of the Building Arts). Party, eat, shop for jewelry & art, and get down with dance performers & bands. 21 Magazine St from 4-11pm.

– Apr 27, at 7pm,  Preservation Society of Charleston 3rd Annual Gala to benefit their SEVEN TO SAVE FUND (raise awareness & financial support for preservation in Charleston & the region). Expect the same as last year’s Gala (we “attracted” some newbies and converted them into “passionate” preservation enthusiasts):

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 3.21.09 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 3.19.37 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 3.18.43 PM

2013 Fashion Week

20 Mar

2014  Charleston Fashion Week – New Updates

Carolina Gribble Bryan, Beautiful, inside & out, n'est pas?

Carolina Gribble Bryan, Beautiful, inside & out, n’est pas?

 2013  Charleston  FASHION  WEEK 

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  Charleston FASHION  WEEK Charity Partners (2013 and 2014). DoThe Charleston.com focuses on “Fashion For A Cause,” so follow:

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.11.40 AM Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 11.12.40 AM


[It's all about The Cause. Oh yeah, thanks to Fashion Week. Fashion For A Cause. Copyright 2013 DoTheCharleston.com interviews Tracy & Stefanie @11thGorgeous: "Epic...young & old, everybody loves coming together for a greater good" [Tears of joy, obviously]

[It’s all about The Cause. Oh yeah, thanks to Fashion Week. Fashion For A Cause. Copyright 2013 DoTheCharleston.com interviews Tracy & Stefanie @11thGorgeous: “Epic…young & old, everybody loves coming together for a greater good” [Tears of joy, obviously]


2012 Charleston Fashion Week 

Femme Fatale #1: "Ooo la la, parlez-vous français? Allez-vous à Paris Haute Couture ainsi que la Semaine de la mode Charleston? ...Femme Fatale #2: "Mais bien sûr, nous sommes à la fois incroyable! N'est-ce pas? ...Femme Fatale #1: Voila! Bon Vivant!


– 2011 Fashion Week: Watch HiArtFilms concept clips <– Read Full REVIEW (Excerpt “..with Emily Hearn & Mark Bryan, Ayoka, Mother-Daughters(Jen Snyder-Maddy Parnall)…RAW Video Interviews shot by Charleston…9th grader, Chloe Teichman, in her first video shoot ever. Chloe threw her lack of credentials and caution to the wind, because Fashion Week’s wonder & spectacle bombarded all the senses and had to be investigated…she helped make a movie with a message…”

Audition: Multi-Talented Musician/Dancers March 11

9 Mar

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 6.40.41 PM

– Dance & Music Showcase (for Downtown Venue the in April. Expect 4-8 rehearsals.

– Pay ~ $150 – $300 total (+ more for top top talent) 

– Auditions Invitation:

12:30-4pm, weekdays, asap.

– Invitations will have address of Studio.

– MUST BE Multi-Talented cute/fit/fun/engaging artists.

– Blues, Jazz, Soul, R&B, and Rock

– 18+ male and female roles for both:

– Singers and Musicians

– Dancers (solo and also lead/follows)

– Actors, Hosts, Hostesses, Emcees, Spokesmodels

– Bring a cool blues outfit or two. Be ready to play your instrument with the blues band. If you sing, know the key and chord progression so the band can play along.

– Email Merrick@DoTheCharleston.com for prescreening, include your bio & photos (or video/audio link). If you qualify, we’ll email back the invitation & studio address.

– Thanks

ARTicles – Mar 2013

2 Mar

– Feb 22 – Mar 16  “The Whipping Man” Check theater times/dates/tickets at The Woolfe Street Playhouse  REVIEW“The Whipping Man” Shines The Light:  Everyone knows, you gots to have a good story. Writer Matthew Lopez gots a good one. This is a southern Jewish story, at the end of The Civil War. Deep drama, agonizing angst, longing & love, and more, oye vey, is there more. Lo, it isn’t the Ten Commandments, but there are three commanding actors (four, if you count The Almighty, who definitely has a role in all this, but probably doesn’t rehearse). Three good Jewish boys… well… two are former slaves… did I mention this gots a great story. They read a Hebrew Haggadah, break matzoh, break down, lift up, sing praises, pass down traditions, and slip-in comic relief (“Baruch Hashem for this stolen food & wine & brick, not too kosher”). They wrestle with The Almighty, ask questions, and cry-out for answers. Cue The Almighty… pause… crickets chirping… perfect timing, of course. That’s why Producers are expected to perform miracles… they delivered more than The Light… they reconstructed and deconstructed a grand gadol antebellum set. What a play – you see it, you feel it, you stand up and applaud it, and you gots to smooze and tell everyone about it. You wake at 7am, haunted by the gripping cries to hold on, the cutting cries to let go, to be saved, to be freed, to be family. I couldn’t get back to sleep, I couldn’t wait to write about it. Michael Burgess (Simon) and Andre Hinds (John) pounded out powerful performances. Young Stowe (Caleb) hung in an incredible trance. Keely Enright directed a firestorm of fury and parted a sea of subtleties. (It made me think of “East of Eden.” Oooh, love to see Enright produce that at Woolfe Street, and see Stowe tackle a James Dean role). Gots to do more smoozing, fundraising, and finish this Sedar first (“and if there’s money left over, buy a chair”). Reserve “Whipping Man” tickets early, G-d willing, there’s 2 more weeks in Charleston. Then, next year in Jerusalem, Amen.

Copyright 2013 The Woolfe Street Playhouse

“The Whipping Man” (photo copyright 2013 The Woolfe Street Playhouse)

–  Feb 28 – Mar 3, 2013  Charleston Wine + Food Festival —>  Exec Dir, Angel Postel: “So excited to have GrowFood Carolina as our 2013 Culinary Community Non-Profit Partner.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 8.42.05 PM

Screen Shot 2012-11-15 at 4.30.56 PM

–  Mar  7-10   The 4th Annual Charleston Film FestivalScreen Shot 2012-12-17 at 1.17.40 PM

– Mar 10, only $1, Burke High School, 10am – 4pm, 25th Annual KIDS FAIR!  It’s not just for Families (but anyone who wants to engage with the most Charleston Trendsetters all in one location…”Renaissance Women” like, Exec Dir extraordinaire, Carol Berlin; Jewish Federation Exec Dir, Judi Corsaro; Exec Dir Fields To Families, Nikki Seibert; etc, etc…).  10,000 – 12,000 kids/parents <– largest 1 day event in downtown Charleston <– Walk or Bike (or carpool, ok). 100 Non-ProfitsVisionary Sponsors, and interactive “Edutaining” booths inside/outside…engage & empower & enrich…broaden horizons… Great food (extra but a lot of tasty healthy food <  $5, like frozen yogurt – yum!). If you would like to attend, sponsor, volunteer, Promote, KidsFair, (Donations for KidsFair are tax deductible and goto scholarships <– any kid that applies can get some help).Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 3.58.30 PM 

– Mar 11  Audition Invitations: Multi-Talented Musicians/Dancers

Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 6.40.41 PM

  Mar 19 – 23   Charleston  FASHION  WEEK <- click, full page/post/links.

Femme Fatale #1: "Ooo la la, parlez-vous français? Allez-vous à Paris Haute Couture ainsi que la Semaine de la mode Charleston? ...Femme Fatale #2: "Mais bien sûr, nous sommes à la fois incroyable! N'est-ce pas? ...Femme Fatale #1: Voila! Bon Vivant!

Femme Fatale #1: “Ooo la la, parlez-vous français? Allez-vous à Paris Haute Couture ainsi que la Semaine de la mode Charleston? …Femme Fatale #2: “Mais bien sûr, nous sommes à la fois incroyable! N’est-ce pas? …Femme Fatale #1: Voila! Bon Vivant!


ARTicles: Jan – Feb 2013

21 Jan

– Feb 14  Rise Up & Dance “1 Billion Rising” in Charleston and The World: Dancing is powerful without being violent. When you dance you take up space and expand your horizons and sense of self and value. Dancing is a direct path to the truth. It’s holy, sexy, and can’t be controlled by corporations. It’s free, contagious, dangerous, and done together as a community. It has the capacity to turn pain into power. When one billion women and men dance on the planet, we will shake humanity into a new consciousness.YouTube Preview ImageYouTube Preview Image

– Feb 2 Chase After A Cure Gala, Fundraiser, & Dancing “Around The World” in Charleston to benefit the underserved needs for research to prevent and cure cancer in children. Click here for pictures & videos. YouTube Preview Image

– Jan 17 – Feb 10   “The Exact Center of the Universe” REVIEW:  “Love southern airs, jousting barbs, and church gossip? Love to peer past the pretty surface, and pry into the petty nitty gritty? Love to giggle at cheeky southern tea parties gone awry with confrontation, comebacks, and mortification…until someone cries “Uncle?” Touché, touché, you’ll love this play. Especially theater lovers who always study and find lessons in the dramatic arts. Enthusiasts will love the up close and personal setting at the Threshold Repertory Theater. The well cast actors exude subtle nuances as their characters walk on egg shells and act like, “no sweat.” The director, Lon Bumgarner, flips the drama back & forth, to & fro, and softly lands everything over easy without breaking the delicacy. Like frail lace and fine embroidery, these fancy socialites unravel their veiled power plays, then drop their doilies, and bite their lipstick lips. From the entree, Robin Burke (Apple) practically puts his arm around you, gathers your trust, and welcomes you into his living room in the deep south. The range of Pamela Galle (Vada) is remarkable as she ripens and wilts through an expansive role. Christina Liedel (Mary Lou & Mary Ann) juggles juxtaposed jokes & jabs. Annette Gill (Enid) and Dana DeMartino (Marybell) are especially endearing, and as smooth & silky as butter. The whole show is ripe – ripe for the picking – get your $10 tickets here for the last shows.

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 11.31.31 PM

– Jan 25 – Feb 3   Little Shop of Horrors”  REVIEW: This is a finger-snapping cult-classic that’s always fresh. It is a quintessential off-broadway rip roaring musical. What If? Productions picked and presented a winner: blending an outrageous, sock-it-to-me-baby, in-your-face, surprise spank on the big behind — behind the big Upper King Street marquee at The American Theater. Thank you to the sponsors, Charles & Celeste Patrick, who tossed an alley-oop and director Kyle Barnette made a slam dunk. The live music, directed by pianist & band leader Justin Wham, was fun and paramount to the ambiance, drumming up acoustical textures and electricity in the air. Brian Porter (Seymour) led the cast and sang and joked so easily. He was happy go lucky, walking in the park, kicking-up heels, sweet yet sassy, whistling dixie. Mary Fishburne stood out with a voice that takes you to a higher level. The Three Da-Doo-Wop Girls stole the show (Becca Anderson, Joyel Crawford, Beth Curley). They were a force, a mix of colors, skid-row-chic, belting boop-ba-loops. The choreographers (Kyle Barnette & Stephanie Burg) pointed their pointers, postures, and posteriors, as they crooned and cruised the stoops, stages, and audiences up, down, & all around. For sure, with the scale up that is inevitable – What If and The American Theater are building up for more to come.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 4.38.07 PM

copyright 2013 What If? Productions

– Jan 17-Feb 2  “The Divine Sister” presented by The Village Repertory Company at their new Woolfe Street Playhouse.  REVIEW: Welcome to downtown Charleston. This was a roller coaster ride – holding on, while the nuns dared to let go, stick their hands in the air, and take the plunge. Risky, as well as risqué. Oh boy, oh brother, what a society of sisters, what a company of characters. They cackled, haggled, yacked, and hacked. They bent over backwards, as the audience doubled over with yuck yucks. There was gaiety, revelry, revelations, and revolutions. Casting was doubly great; actors nailed their parts (and tried to nail each other); and the director, Keely Enright, pried them apart triumphantly. They  jumped and jived and raised the bar, then tested the waters in the gutter. Oye vey, what a vocal voyage, from German, to Irish, to Yiddish, to New Yorker. Even the falsetto sang and twanged guitar. Every accent was dripping, embellished, and re-hashed rapid-fire. Especially, when they wanted you to mishear, “Tell me what, you can’t face.” The script, by Charles Busch, inspired body language, facial contortions, and cute costumes (A nun wrestling coach? You have to see it to believe it). One weekend left to see the mugs on these nuns, as they unfold, unveil, disrobe, and unearth an uncanny host of hosts.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 12.10.13 PM